Doing sit-ups to lose belly, good or bad idea? The opinion of a sports coach


To lose belly fat, some do abdominal exercises in hopes of melting the fat mass around the waist. But is this method really effective? We asked Laura Négrier, trainer at L’Appart Fitness, for more information. Bad news for novice athletes, this strategy turns out to be pretty useless. Also to discover: doing sit-ups every day, good or bad idea? Doing sit-ups to lose fat around the belly, bad idea not to lose fat located in the belly “. says Laura Négrier. Because, in general, “building muscle in an area has no direct impact on the mass of fat stored in about”. So squats don’t melt thigh fat either, just like dips don’t blow away triceps abdominal fat at home with the Ab Wheel The only solution to fat loss: the calorie deficit No loss of fat (general) without a caloric deficit On the other hand, the caloric deficit is essential to burn fat. It is very simple: “The amount of energy expended by physical activity (sport, walking, daily movements, etc.) has of being greater than the amount of energy ingested,” recalls the trainer. The ideal is to reconcile the two aspects, without focusing solely on nutrition, but we do not know in which area of ​​the body the fat will melt first, we will lose fat. “It can also be very variable depending on the person , says Laura Négrier. We don’t all store in the same place and the same goes for fat loss. Some will lose belly first, others arms, legs or even chest in some women, have achievable goals and don’t overdo it. Beyond the obvious health hazard this poses, not eating enough can be counterproductive if you’re aiming for a slim figure. “Eating only salad and doing an hour of cardio a day will put so much stress on the metabolism that it will then make sure to store everything it finds,” warns Laura Négrier. It doesn’t melt away the fat, it makes the belly ( a little) flatter Exercising your abs makes your belly (a little) flatter. If chaining sit-ups, planks and scissors don’t melt away the fat, these exercises obviously have many other benefits. Under the layer of fat, the abs are strengthened, a toning that offers better support to the stomach and back. The key is a flatter tummy effect and improved posture, which can reduce back pain. A toned belly. To maximize this effect, it’s the deep muscles that need to be targeted, the transversal ones in mind. “It is formed like a belt around the abdominal strap, which allows better support of the spine as well as a flat stomach, specifies the trainer of L’Appart Fitness. Working it out can slightly slim your waistline. It can be requested thanks to disciplines such as Pilates, lining and hypopressive abdominals”. This last technique, nicknamed the stomach vacuum, is based on deep breathing and eliminates the pressure on the abdomen caused by certain exercises.
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