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Many fans of Abbott Elementary School have come to know and love Tyler James Williams’ Gregory Eddie. The substitute-turned-full-time teacher sometimes takes himself a little too seriously in Season 1, but he quickly catches on at Willard R. Abbott Public School. Part of what makes Gregory such a memorable character are his quirks, like, insert gasp here, he doesn’t like pizza. In a recent interview, executive producers of the ABC sitcom broke down Greg’s “weird idiosyncrasies” and how they based the character on a real person. Tyler James Williams as Gregory Eddie in ‘Abbott Elementary’ | Scott Everett White/ABC “Abbott Elementary” Season 1 Reveals Gregory is a Picky Eater and Doesn’t Like Pizza Abbott Elementary Season 1 Episode 9, “Step Class,” features a subplot where Gregory’s co-workers find out that he doesn’t like pizza. Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter), Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) and Jacob (Chris Perfetti) are enjoying pizza in the break room and notice that Greg isn’t having a slice. When pressed, the stand-in says he prefers “Baltimore pizza” because that’s where he’s from. ▶” src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/9YXD0MEe8KM?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; auto-read; clipboard-write; encrypted media; gyro; picture-in-picture » enable full screen > The next day, the teachers decide to bring pizza from their favorite places.Gregory sits down, but Jacob reveals that he’s been to Baltimore to eat “extra crispy and moist” pizza, as Gregory says he loves . Gregory then surprises everyone by learning that he doesn’t like pizza at all. In fact, he sticks to “four or five things” he likes to eat every day. His classmates are surprised, much to Gregory’s frustration. “Voice? That’s why I never tell anyone, okay? Because everyone always freaks out and acts like it’s a personal attack. It’s not my fault. I was born this way,” he says. ‘Abbott Elementary’ EPs Reveal Inspiration Behind Gregory and His ‘Weird Idiosyncrasy’ In a recent interview with The Wrap, Abbott executive producers Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker revealed that Gregory’s difficulty with food inspired another producer: Brian Rubenstein. “One of the writers basically hates food, and that became Gregory. We had taken that straight from Brian’s life and put it into Gregory’s character and when we brought the sketch back to the studio, all the writers are on the sketch call with the network,” Halpern said. . “Everybody in the studio was like, ‘God, that makes this guy so obnoxious.’ If he doesn’t like food, how will he be the romantic lead? Who would ever love this person? And we’re all watching Brian. Gregory’s disdain for pizza may be shocking, but that’s just one of the things that sets him apart. The EPs revealed that they wanted to take a different approach to the character as a romantic lead. “We had always talked about the fact that we didn’t want Gregory to just be Jim from The Office. We want Gregory to be that weirdo that you love the more you get to know him,” Halpern added. “He’s got all these weird quirks. He’s not like your classic leader. And guess what, Janine [Teagues, played by Quinta Brunson] it’s also freaking weird! Will Gregory and Janine’s “strange” habits bring them together in Season 2? Premiere Janine and Grégory ➡️ Final Janine and Grégory? Check out these moments tonight starting at 9/8c on ABC and stream on Hulu! pic.twitter.com/7PA7WA3xWt — Abbott Elementary (@AbbottElemABC) June 12, 2022 Many fans have been wanting Gregory and Janine to get back together in season 1. They’ve already shown some chemistry and apparently they both are strangers So will these strangers make a perfect match in Season 2? In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Quinta Brunson raised doubts about their romance in the new season, but it could be possible in the future. He noted that Janine had just ended a 10-year relationship at the end of Season 1 and needed time to work on herself. “She’s a single adult for the first time, and now she has space to figure out what that means. So I don’t feel like I’m going to jump into anything right away with Gregory,” Brunson said. “Gregory is, too, he just made the decision to stay at Abbott to be a full-time professor. He has something to worry about: what it means to him, what it looks like to make that kind of commitment. Season 2 of Abbott Elementary School premieres Wednesday, September 21 at 9:00 PM ET on ABC. RELATED: ‘Abbott Elementary’: Tyler James Williams Admits Janelle James Made Him Break Character ‘Multiple Times’
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