Which sneakers to choose for fitness, hit?


Practicing a sport implies being equipped at least. A good pair of fitness shoes is among the must-haves for going to the gym. In fact, beyond the fact that gyms require wearing a pair of clean shoes, it is essential to protect the joints when performing different movements. However, fitness, just like hitting, are sports practices that work the ankles and knees. But then, which sneakers to choose for fitness? Which shoes to choose to be comfortable? What are the main technical characteristics to check? We share all our tips for choosing your pair of women’s fitness shoes, as well as our selection of fitness and hiit shoes.Our pick: Pure XT Moto Rose Wn, PUMA SuperRep Go 3 Flyknit Next Nature, sneakers Nike HIIT TR 2.0 W, ReebokSneakers Free Metcon 4, NikeSneakers Air Zoom SuperRep 3, NikeSneakers Nano X2, ReebokSneakers TriBase Reign 4 W, Under ArmourSneakers Pure XT Moto Rose Wn’s, PUMA Whether it’s a hiit workout, a tabata circuit or a bootcamp session, these sneakers offered by the Puma brand can accompany you. This versatile model is particularly flexible thanks to its ProFoam midsole and resistant thanks to the presence of PUMAGRIP rubber. These women’s fitness shoes are available in pale pink or black, from size 36 to 42.5. SuperRep Go 3 Flyknit Next Nature Trainers, NikeThese women’s fitness trainers hug your foot perfectly for optimal comfort. It is basketball that follows the natural movements of the foot, and not the other way around. In addition, the sole offers good cushioning that allows you to practice high-impact sports such as hiit. These trainers are available in black and white, white and orange and pink and orange from 35.5 to 44.5. HIIT shoes TR 2.0 W with only 20% recycled material, Reebok If you are looking for hiit shoes, you will like this model from Reebok. Its simple design is also very effective. This pair of hiit shoes offers many advantages such as stability and dynamism. It also absorbs shocks to reduce the consequences of impacts on your skeleton. However, this model is only available in white with touches of pink, gray and silver Free Metcon 4 Trainers, Nike This pair of fitness trainers is suitable for both strength training and circuit speed training of training or a successful session. In fact, it perfectly combines flexibility and stability. This updated version of the Nike Free Metcon comes in black and pale green. Regarding the size, you can find your shoe size from 36 to 50.5.Choice of colorsFlexible and stableAir Zoom SuperRep 3 shoes, Nike Nike €129.99SEEGo Sport €129.99 VERA with this model of women’s high-top sneakers, Nike offers a hiit sneaker model that combines innovation, performance and style. Flexible and light, this pair of shoes offers very good cushioning thanks to the Zoom Air technology that is in the form of an air bubble and an opening under the foot. Something to protect your joints during your workouts. They are available in fuschia pink or white from size 35.5 to size 44.5. Very good cushioning. Suitable for hiitSneakers Nano X2, the Reebok Reebook Nano fitness shoes are ideal for indoor sports, especially for bodybuilding or crossfit. In fact, the Floatride Energy foam present at the level of the sole allows you to absorb the shocks, but also to take advantage of the energy return with each jump for even more power. The wide heel, on the other hand, is the guarantor of your stability for a good execution of movements Cushioning and energy return Stability TriBase Reign 4 W shoes, Under ArmourThis pair of fitness shoes from the Under Armor brand is characterized by the its lightness, but also for its stability and cushioning. In addition, the mesh allows the shoe to breathe. So this is a pair of technical fitness shoes that can be worn for both fitness and crossfit or even hiit. In burgundy, this model is available in sizes 36 to 41. Ultra light Freedom of movement Which sneakers to choose for fitness? The practice of fitness requires wearing footwear adapted to this sport, which, unlike running, is not linear. In fact, when you perform a fitness session, your movements can go forward, but also backwards and sideways. This is why it is preferable to avoid using running shoes for fitness. Fitness shoes should offer good support to the feet and ankles. In addition, the sneakers must be light and able to limit the impact of the shocks related to the different jumps you will have to make. This is called cushioning. What about the bumps? High-intensity interval training, also known as hitting, is a high-intensity fitness session performed over a short period of time. Hiit alternates high-intensity exercise sequences with shorter rest periods. Therefore, your hiit shoes must accompany you in all your movements, but also protect your joints from impacts. To choose hiit shoes, it is advisable to go for a model that has cushioning under the midsole. It is this shock-absorbing device that allows you to perform the movements without injuring yourself. It is also recommended to choose a pair of hiit shoes with soles with good grip, in order to avoid slipping during lateral movements, jumps or burpees for example Which shoes to choose for exercise cycling? The exercise bike also requires wearing the right sneakers. In fact, it is essential to have a pair of flexible shoes that protect your ankles and knees from trauma. Good ankle support is also necessary. In general, make sure you choose a pair of fitness trainers that fit and are comfortable for you.
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