Weather report. Why have temperatures dropped so much in Normandy and will the cold continue?


After the heat wave of the summer of 2022, temperatures, especially in Normandy, have dropped significantly since mid-September. How do we explain this phenomenon and will the cold last? Let’s take stock. In just a few days, temperatures dropped sharply in Normandy – Illustration photo Pixabay Published: September 20, 2022 at 07:57 Reading time: 3 min We had almost forgotten that it could be cold in Normandy. On Sunday, September 18, 2022, we observed a small 5 degrees in the Rouen region. And despite the sun shining all day, the thermometer struggled to exceed 20 degrees. A phenomenon found in other regions of France. Read also Case of bird flu in a farm, in the EU: Poultry slaughtered It had not been this cold in 10 years According to meteorologist Guillaume Séchet, on Sunday morning, it had not been this cold in France for ten years, reports The Voice of the North. The national temperature indicator indicated 7.03º C, he shared on Twitter. “We have to go back to the morning of September 20, 2012 (6.15ºC) to find it colder in September,” he added, based on Infoclimat data. On Monday, September 19, Météo France also recorded minimum temperatures of 3 to 6° C. Also read What are the ways to avoid blackouts this winter Autumn begins on September 1 According to the weather service, if temperatures s ‘have cooled to this point is that we are bearing the brunt of an Irish anticyclone and a Scandinavian depression creating a north-northwest flow over France, causing a net cooling of the air mass. This weekend, the first frosts and snow were even observed in the Alps and the Massif Central. Is this normal? “The masses of cold and dry air, coming down from the British Isles, is something we have already observed many times, in all seasons, said Tristan Amm, a meteorologist at Météo France to the newspaper La Dépêche. . If the contrast of temperature should be remarkable, it is nevertheless something that can be fully observed at this time of the year. There will be no particular records, either minimum or maximum. According to the forecaster, the situation may continue this week. Note that in meteorology, autumn begins on September 1 and lasts until November, “that is, the period during which the length of the day shortens and the sun diminishes”, reminds Météo France. While the dates for this season for 2022, related to the autumn equinox and winter solstice, are from September 23 to December 21. Also read Sale of firewood: what has changed in the regulations “The transition can be gradual or sudden depending on the year.We can experience a beautiful and even season we will have an Indian summer, but the rains can become more numerous and violent and give Mediterranean episodes. Snow can even fall prematurely as early as November. In short, autumn is like spring: “The cold and sometimes wet days, increasingly numerous, alternate with still mild, sometimes stormy days, depending on the position of anticyclones and depressions, and therefore prevailing currents in France. On average, in France, the temperature this season is 13.1 ° C. What is the weather like in Normandy? For the week, Météo France forecasts temperatures in Normandy below 20 degrees with sunny days. The rain should reappear overnight from Friday 23 September to Saturday 24 September, after a very gray day. It is Thursday morning that should be the coldest with 4-5°C in the Eure, 6°C in Rouen and Bray country, 8-11°C on the coast. Also read Air pollution: why the French state risks having to pay a new record sum How to prepare your animal to go to the vet: the blog of a Norman woman in the final of a competition VIDEO. Ecowatt, power cuts: what are the ways to avoid blackouts this winter?
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