Democrat Katie Hobbs projected she would beat Kari Lake in the Arizona gubernatorial race.

Comments on this story Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (Democratic) was expected to win the Arizona gubernatorial race on Monday, narrowly defeating Republican Carrie Lake, a prominent electoral denier Hobbes called a threat to democracy. She argued that she was an extreme candidate who could cause confusion if elected. The Democrats oversaw the 2020 election in Arizona and defended the election against baseless allegations of wrongdoing that former TV anchor Lake made the centerpiece of the campaign. Shortly after the Associated Press and major networks called the primary, in the state, Hobbs issued a tweet declaring her victory. “Democracy is worth the wait,” she wrote. “Thank you, Arizona. I am so honored and proud to be your next governor.” Lake seemed unwilling to accept defeat, questioning the results an hour later in a tweet that read, “Arizonans know BS when they see BS.” Hobbs won Roe v. Wade turned over. She also tried to appeal to Arizona’s independent, moderate Republican voters and garnered support from prominent conservatives who were uncomfortable with the GOP’s leadership. The fundraiser for Hobbs involved the family of the late Republican Senator John McCain, and the House of Representatives’ Political Action Committee placed Trump’s loudest GOP critic in Congress, Liz Cheney(R), to run an ad for Lake. Backlash against inflation and federal border policy. She was criticized on both sides of the aisle when Hobbs rejected her discussion of Lake, saying Lake wanted a “show” rather than a debate. Karrin Taylor Robson has not fully accepted Trump’s false election claims. And many feared losing a purple state known for electing a McCain-like moderate that Lake, a Trump loyalist, mocked. “We’ve driven a stake into the heart of the McCain machine.” She made the declaration at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, making a prodding move to emphasize. Doug Ducey, co-chair of the Republican Governors Association, ultimately banded behind her. Hobbs, a former social worker and state legislator, became Arizona’s secretary of state in 2018, flipping her seat out of the blue for the first time in more than 20 years. age. This made her next in line should her governor step out of office, and placed her at the forefront of election officials who faced false accusations and threats of her wrongdoing in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Americans came to know Hobbs, who became a fixture on national television after that election, as a counterweight to election denialism in a state that spawned unsubstantiated theories surrounding Trump’s defeat. As Governor, Lake played a key role in certifying votes. A battlefield in 2024. And if she won, Lake was ready to call a special legislative session at her state capitol to push sweeping changes to Arizona’s voting system she had been scoffing at. She campaigned alongside other Republican candidates who denied the 2020 election results. That includes Secretary of State Mark Finchem, the far-right candidate for statehood who, along with Lake, sought to ban voting machines in the state. Finchem was expected to lose last Friday, along with Trump-backed Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters, who ran for the Senate seat. Mark Kelly (Democratic). “We know that my opponent and her allies have sowed doubt and confusion throughout this campaign,” Hobbs told people in his election night speech that it would take time for votes to be counted. reminded me, he said. Hobbs’ victory earned him two governorships as Democrats won Arizona, Maryland and Massachusetts, offsetting the GOP’s victory in Nevada. In swing state Nevada, Republican Sheriff Joe Lombardo ousted the governor. Steve Sisolak (D) is criticizing his own handling of crime, the coronavirus pandemic and the economy. But despite the GOP’s high hopes for blue states like New York and Oregon, Democratic incumbents held out elsewhere, including tossing races in Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas. Hobbs’ victory surprised many Republicans and some Democrats. . Agents who had expected Kelly’s narrow victory nonetheless predicted that Hobbs, no commanding presence on the campaign trail, would fall for the former news anchor widely known around Metro Phoenix, where most of the state’s voters reside. Posts published midway through last week began pointing to Kelly’s victory in the Senate, but GOP modeling still put Lake ahead of her Democratic opponent, people familiar with the numbers said. But over the weekend, the dynamic changed when one of Lake’s advisors called the gubernatorial race a “coin toss.” According to one official, Republican uneasiness intensified after Lake’s results did not perform as well as expected. With conversations spoken on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss them publicly, Lake spent the last days of the campaign giving to the GOP base rather than wooing independents, a move that has baffled some strategists and donors. State data shows that more than a third of Arizona voters are independents, slightly below Republicans and slightly above Democrats. Off to hell!” She took Stephen K. Bannon, former White House chief strategist and Breitbart News chairman, on stage to rave about his far-right radio show, War Room, and told her audience to call white nationalists “patriots.” and asked to applaud far-right state legislator Wendy Rogers for urging political opponents to be executed.With votes still in progress, some Republican lawmakers sent messages to vote for Trump, Lake, and State Republican Speaker Kelly Ward. acknowledged that returning early ballots to people or to polling places on Election Day may have impacted GOP turnout: this guideline goes against the popularity of early voting in the state and the performance of GOP early voting in Maricopa County on the last day of the election. Instead, about a third of polling places countywide have problems with printers that produce on-demand ballots, resulting in unsubstantiated accusations from Lake, Trump, and other Republicans that the problems disproportionately target GOP areas. County officials strongly protested, and an analysis of data by the Washington Post found that the county’s GOP areas were not disproportionately affected by the issue. Phoenix’s Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and Washington’s Amy B Wang contributed to the report. contributed.
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