CMC wins NFL’s first TD trifecta since 2005

Englewood, CA — The San Francisco 49ers were making plans for the red zone when they yelled at coach Kyle Shanahan’s office Thursday night. In particular, Shanahan never asked simple questions to anyone. football at all? The question was initially silent, but after a while Shanahan got a text from tight-end coach Brian Fleury. Satisfied with Fleury’s answer, Shanahan wanted to add the McCaffrey pass to his game plan for Sunday’s 31-14 win over the Los Angeles Rams. Little Shanahan knew this would be the iconic play of McCaffrey’s history-making day. Without-it-all receiver Deebo Samuel, McCaffrey gave the Niners the ultimate all-round performance by throwing, running and catching touchdowns, and the Niners moved 4-4 for the buy-week.2 related”everyone thinks. He knows how great he is, but I like how consistent and controlled he is in what he does,” Shanahan said. “He’s a very clever player and he makes a lot of plays and things, but consistency in the way he plays is important. I think he’s a great person to add to us.” After tossing for a run and catching one, his one-yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter made McCaffrey the first player to throw, run, and catch for a touchdown in the same game since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2005. He is the fourth player to complete the trilogy since the 1970 merger, alongside Tomlinson, receiver David Patton and running back Walter Payton. With a hand of 183 yards from scrimmage, including 94 rushes on 27 touches and 55 receives, he was just right. 49ers. “It’s great.” McCaffrey said. “Of course, those things are really cool. The most important thing is to come out with a win and do that in the second half too… But I’m just proud to be 49, and it feels good to win.” Today.” McCaffrey started the Niners’ scoring with his second career touchdown pass. Ninus quarterback Jimmy Garopoulo to McCafri on the flat on the right with an eight to two at the Rams’ 34 with 12:10 left in the second quarter. McCaffrey grabbed it from behind the line of scrimmage and rolled to the right, looking down right at wideout Brandon Aiyuk. Robbie Gould added points to equalize 7. Christian McCaffrey was the first player to appear second in the 49ers. He’s been throwing, running, and catching touchdowns in the same game since LaDainian Tomlinson in 2005. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images “It was a dot,” said the clogged George Kittle, “perfect. The pass was great and the catch was great.” Indeed, McCaffrey’s touchdown catch may have been his most impressive play of the day. With 1:51 minutes left in the third quarter, Garoppolo stepped back for a pass in Rams’ 9. Garoppolo No one was open while scanning the field so it went into the pocket when the Niners started the scramble drill Progressing 5th option of the pass, rocking loosely from the right flank Garoppolo lifted the ball high and McCaffrey jumped high into the air to touch gave the Niners a 17-14 lead to capture the down. The touchdown was McCaffrey’s first goal to score as a Niner and put him in a rare company. McCaffrey and Emmanuel Sanders (Week 14, 2019) in the franchise’s history have had their last 70 He’s the only Niners to have a passing touchdown and a receiving touchdown in the same game in years. “He turned it into the field. It’s just being a football player… Actually the script didn’t. He just played.” McCaffrey’s big day starts with his second game as Niner and his first game. A week of practice. San Francisco picks 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds in 2023 and 5th round picks in October 2024. Moved to McCaffrey to Panthers in trade on the 20th. Niners’ facility works with assistant coaches Bobby Turner and Anthony Lynn and, if possible, steals extra time with Garoppolo. In addition to his touchdown trilogy, McCaffrey has a Super Bowl era for each kind. Became the only player to have more than one of the offensive touchdowns of the player and pass, charge, and receive in one game over 30 yards. McCaffrey’s performance has also led the Ninus to key players like Samuel and teammate wideout Jauan Jennings. It made me imagine when I came back from a hamstring injury. It’s not really the ceiling,” Kittle said. “We have to go there and get a lot of points.”
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