White House says US will soon have to deter two major nuclear powers for the first time

The Biden administration pointed to Moscow’s increasingly wielding Russian arsenal and China’s expanding stockpiles, warning that the United States would have to contain its two major nuclear weapons states for the first time in a decade. It is the most immediate and destructive threat, pointing to its nuclear posture against Ukraine. The strategic blueprint warned that the threat could grow as Russian forces continue to lose on the battlefield. President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use “everything means” to defend Russian territory, including the Crimean Peninsula annexed in 2014 and the four regions he claims to be Ukraine. The NSS promises that U.S. support for Ukrainian resistance will not be affected by such threats, and that “the United States will not allow Russia or any other great power to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons to achieve its objectives.” I did. In the foreword, Biden distinguishes between the types of threats posed by Moscow and Beijing. “Russia poses an immediate threat to a free and open international system that recklessly obscures the basic laws of today’s international order, as the brutal war of aggression against Ukraine shows,” Trump wrote. “The only state with the intention of reshaping the international order and increasingly having both economic, diplomatic, military and technological powers to achieve that goal”. The policy document describes Beijing as “the most important geopolitical challenge for the United States.” “People’s Republic of China China is committed to putting the international order in its favor, despite the United States’ continued efforts to manage competition between our nations responsibly. China has an estimated 350 nuclear warheads, according to an assessment by the American Federation of Scientists, and Russia has 5,977 e, U.S. stocks 5,428. However, the Pentagon expects China’s military to grow to more than 1,000 warheads by 2030, making it the third major nuclear-weapon state, with 1,550 deployed strategic warheads ready to be mounted on land- or sea-launched missiles or long-range bombers. “The document could herald a rethinking of the size of the U.S. arsenal.” “If we have to worry about two close nuclear rivals by 2030, what does that mean for the number of Russian and Chinese targets the president thinks we need? Taking risks to detect such nuclear threats. And how does that affect the total number of strategic nuclear weapons that the United States and the president think should be deployed?” “They’re basically seeing problems and questions that can lead to more calculations,” Kimball said. “It’s not hard science. There could be more. It could be less. I argue that even if China has twice as many nuclear weapons, it can and should still reduce its total number of strategic nuclear weapons, because the total we have would be more than a reasonable calculation needed to deter a nuclear attack.”
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