Biden: China, bigger challenge than Russia

President Biden still sees China as the most important geopolitical challenge to the United States, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine and threats to use nuclear weapons, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Wednesday. “A key U.S. goal is the twin threat of Russia and China that the Biden administration has long awaited national security strategy,” Sullivan said. car [People’s Republic of China] Russia and Russia are increasingly working together, but the challenges they pose are clear in important respects,” the document says. Sullivan said the Ukrainian war did not fundamentally change Biden’s view of the world, but said the delay was due to officials delaying the release of the document. He believed it was “frivolous” to publish it in a situation where “it wasn’t really clear which way the war would go”. Throughout the document, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict appears in relation to issues related to energy, food security and military readiness. Biden said Putin ‘completely miscalculated’ his invasion of Ukraine, the document made clear that China was the only superpower with the ability to change the world order and the Ukraine conflict “significantly lowered Russia’s status compared to China and other Asian powers” ‘ he claimed. “Moscow’s soft power and diplomatic influence have weakened,” he said. ergy backfired. Russia’s historic global response to the war in Ukraine sends a strong message that countries cannot benefit from global unity while trampling on core principles of the UN Charter.” Biden said he would defend Taiwan if US forces were attacked by China. The Reorganization Act required all administrations to develop an annual security strategy document, but few did. President Barack Obama published one book each of his two terms in 2017, and President Donald Trump published one book in 2017. year. These efforts and new publications assumed that domestic and foreign policy were closely intertwined. America’s domestic strength is the source of its overseas strength. In a speech on the new document held at Georgetown University on Wednesday, Sullivan said, “Our world is at an inflection point in a “decisive decade,” in the first few years. He noted that the two major strategic challenges facing the United States are: dealing with China in a post-Cold War world. “Geopolitical competition” and “the scale and pace of transnational challenges that do not respect borders or comply with international rules,” he said, while addressing climate, food and energy instability and diseases such as the coronavirus pandemic, “Our strategy is to It starts with the premise that two strategic challenges are intertwined. “The United States cannot compete if it ignores the most immediate issues.” Sullivan said the three main elements of the strategy are technology and energy, military modernization, and cooperation with the state. and “targeted investment”, diplomacy and other investments in elements of national power such as coalition formation. Sullivan shares a belief in the rule of international law, and the Ukrainian war “has had a major impact on the formulation of this strategy … but includes I don’t think it’s sun-blocking because of all the other strategies that have to be.”
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