Explainer: What’s next for the Florida school shootings?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (AP) — A jury that will decide whether Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment without parole is expected to begin a hearing on Wednesday and conclude a three-month trial. 14 students and 3 staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, February 2nd. 14, 2018. The trial was to decide his sentence. Cruz’s massacre is the deadliest mass shooting with trial in the United States. by suicide or police shooting. The suspect in the 2019 massacre of 23 people in El Paso, Texas, is awaiting trial. They were told to pack for at least two nights. Let’s take a look at this case to see how a jury of seven men and five women makes a decision and what happens after that. What did the cruise do? In middle school about 5 years ago he did it. He bought an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle almost exactly a year before the shooting, and his plans got serious about seven months ago. He said he tried to learn from their experience while investigating previous group snipers. He bought ammunition, a vest to carry it, and a bag to hide it. He chose Valentine’s Day so that school would never celebrate it again. He went inside the three-story classroom building and shot in the hallways and classrooms for about seven minutes. He returned to the wounded and killed them with a second salvo. He then tried to shoot the students running away from the third-floor window, but thick hurricane glass blocked him. He put down his gun and fled, but was arrested about an hour later. What happened at trial? Senior Attorney Mike Satz kept the case simple. He played a security video of the shooting and showed me pictures of the gruesome crime scene and autopsy. Teachers and students testified of witnessing others die. He took the jury to a fenced-in building with bloodstains and bullets. Parents and spouses made statements of tears and anger. Cruz’s chief attorney Melisa McNeill and her team never questioned the horrors he inflicted, but focused on the belief that his biological mother drank too much during pregnancy and caused fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. I did. Their experts say his bizarre, problematic, and sometimes violent behavior began at the age of two, where he was misdiagnosed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and did not receive adequate treatment. What does it take for Cruz to receive a death sentence because his widowed stepmother is so startled? Before a jury can recommend a death sentence for a particular victim, it must first unanimously agree that the prosecution has established beyond reasonable doubt that the murder prohibited under Florida law involved at least one aggravating circumstance. This part shouldn’t be difficult. Exacerbating circumstances include those that deliberately pose a great risk of the death of millions of people, murders “particularly heinous, cruel or cruel,” or murders committed “in a calm, calculated, and deliberate manner.” They must then unanimously agree that the aggravating factors justify consideration of the death penalty, and then decide whether the aggravating circumstances outweigh the mitigating factors claimed by the defense, such as the mother’s drinking or the mother’s failure to adequately treat it. Psychiatric treatment and his plea of ​​guilty If so, the jury may recommend a death sentence, but it is not required. The jury can ignore the weighing and vote for a lifetime at Cruz’s mercy. If one or more jury sentences all victims to life in prison, their sentence is confirmed. What if the jury recommends the death penalty? Cruz’s lawyers have a chance to persuade her to ignore her jury and sentence her to life in prison, but she rarely succeeds. If a death sentence is imposed, the case is sent to death row inmates in Florida while the case goes through appeals. Assuming the death sentence is not overturned and a retrial is necessary, it is years before he was executed. What if the jury sentences me to life in prison? He will be sentenced to life in prison without parole — Scherer cannot dismiss a jury. She can sentence him immediately or schedule a future hearing. After the sentence is delivered, the Florida Department of Corrections will place him in a maximum security prison that will become part of the general public. McNeill mentioned in his last argument that it could be a very dangerous place for someone like Cruz.
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