Bodycam video shows the abrupt end of the chaotic Connecticut siege

Editor’s Note: This article contains a description of a police body camera video that may upset some people. A police officer who survived an 80-round ambush against police in Connecticut may have ended the case with a single gunshot, believed to be the shooter, a new video said on Sunday. β€” Two police officers and the suspect β€” died in Bristol, about 20 miles southwest of Hartford. Seriously wounded by gunfire during the shootout, Iurato limped towards a pair of police SUVs to cover them as ominous shells poured out and women’s screams filled the air. Devlin Jr. is one of the agencies investigating the use of force by police officers. When the dramatic and potentially disturbing video was released on Saturday, the watchdog stopped just before calling Iurato a hero.” Officer Iurato was able to circle the house and return to the Bristol Police Department, despite being shot in the leg. Cruiser” The office said in a statement. “From that vantage point, he fired one shot, killing Nicholas Brucher,” the statement continued. The video contains limping sounds and rhythms as Iurato moves on a fictional perching duck. Vehicles are often equipped with bulletproof front door panels to seek protection behind the panels of the Ford Police Interceptor Utility. Law enforcement sources told NBC New York that the weapon was a semi-automatic rifle similar to the AR-15. Video shows Iurato, 26, lowering his body and leaning against a closed driver’s door, looking in front of him, holding a gun in his two hands and pointing towards the top of his SUV windshield. A pop rings: β€œOne-down,” Iurato limps towards his target, speaking through a walkie-talkie, briefly illuminating his gunman with a tactical flashlight attached to his service weapon. Bristol Police said in a statement that “the suspect is down.” Officer Alex Hamzy, an eight-year veteran, is said to have died at the scene. Sergeant Dustin Demont, 35, died at the Bristol Hospital. After serving in the Bristol Army for 10 years, De Montt suffered injuries to his head, torso, and extremities. Both deaths were considered homicide, and Iurato was sent to St. Petersburg in Hartford on Thursday. He was discharged from Francis Hospital. Police Chief Brian Gould said he underwent surgery, and the inspector on Sunday said the officer’s use of force appeared justified. Authorities identified the suspect as Nicholas Brutcher, 35. His older brother, Nathan Brutcher, 32, was injured and admitted to an unknown hospital. He is in good condition, police said. The cause of his injury is unknown. A police source told NBC New York that Nicholas Brutcher had been kicked out of a bar and summoned by the police for chaotic behavior before going home. The police called about the commotion to lure the police to the scene. Authorities said the violence occurred around 10:30 p.m. when police responded to at least one call about possible domestic violence involving the brothers. Connecticut State Police said in a statement Wednesday that it was “to lure police to the scene.” Ned Lamont said at a press conference on Thursday that the tragic event shows the sacrifices made in the careers of front-line law enforcement agencies. “The Bristol Police Union did not immediately respond to a request for a response to the bodycam video. A combined service for DeMonte and Hamzy, open to the public, is scheduled for Friday at 11am at Rentschler Field at the University of Connecticut. East Pratt & Whitney Stadium in Hartford.Dennis RomeroDennis Romero is a Breaking News reporter for NBC News Digital, contributed by Yasmeen Persaud, Michelle Acevedo, Brittany Kubicko and Jonathan Dienst.
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