Jim Irsay’s comment was posted to other NFL owners to grapple with Daniel Snyder’s condition.

For over a year, commanders owner Daniel Snyder has been almost completely out of sight in the NFL. He hadn’t attended meetings with his fellow owners, and just a few weeks ago showed up at midfield with cowboy owner Jerry Jones, one of his few teammates, ahead of the Washington game in Dallas. Snyder is in some sort of weird limbo that he didn’t call a halt, but it actually made him a persona in the NFL. But even during his absence, Snyder wielded some sort of power over the league. Depending on who you’re talking to — disgusting with him, suspicious of him, and a little afraid of him. All of this happened quietly, but as is the case with most crises that usually involve this particular kind of person, but generally private, most of it has been done in private. The charges charged against Snyder range from sexual misconduct to dominance in a franchise where sexual harassment is rampant, to financial injustice that allows him to keep money from other owners who are his business partners. These allegations are leading to at least four separate investigations, including one led by former US Attorney Mary Jo White, which continues to date, including an investigation launched by the NFL in February. But even those who have come to the conclusion that the NFL should no longer coexist with Snyder in recent months will not hide their name behind their feelings. Abandoning courtesy and caution and speaking out loud what others in the league, including other owners, have been whispering for months. [Commanders]Irsei said, “I think it’s something that needs to be reviewed, we need to look at all the evidence, and we need to be thorough in the future, but I think it’s something we should seriously consider.” From a point of view, Irsay was either the first owner to have the courage to go after Snyder in public, or the one with the least self-control. NFL owners don’t always agree with each other. As in any business, there are factions. But while Irsay held court in front of dozens of reporters and cameras for nearly 15 minutes, essentially reiterating the subject, claiming the head of another owner. Other owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell were vigilant. When asked if he was upset or surprised by Irsay’s remarks, Goodell said interestingly “no”. However, he advised other owners not to follow suit. Despite a march of owners sprinting towards the exit of the conference hotel to avoid pursuing reporters, Irsay effectively set the stage for a lengthy, litigious fight that perhaps most owners very much want to avoid. But it may be necessary if they finally need to get rid of the owners who have driven one of their most respected franchises to the ground and have brought constant embarrassment and shame to the league. In the silence, it’s hard to imagine how they could back down, assuming that the other owners don’t seem to fear Snyder and that the investigation turns out only some of the claims to be true.
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