New 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey is ‘extremely hot-headed’ to join Kyle Shanahan’s attack

Christian McCaffrey became a star at Stanford before returning to the Bay Area and leaping to a higher position in the NFL. It’s right to get off the plane in Northern California wearing a Stanford hat. The connection doesn’t end there. . McCaffrey joined the 49ers team coached by Mike Shanahan’s son Kyle Shanahan, who coached McCaffrey’s father Ed, and as expected, 49ers and history aside, McCaffrey knows how special his pairing is. And his new team, the one who plans and executes a running game among the best in the modern NFL. McCaffrey said on Friday he can’t wait to be part of it. “I’ve definitely been watching them for a long time,” McCaffrey said. “I think it’s the best scoring game in the league and one of the most explosive offenses. I think it’s like going up the roster and looking at all the players. That’s the most exciting thing for me. In the locker room, to meet the guys. How to attack weapons here Could it be that you don’t want to play as?” Obviously I have some history with coach Shanahan. You don’t know how happy I am to be here.” McCaffrey has reason to be excited. When healthy, San Francisco continues to hit the ball thanks to Shanahan’s design that uses traditional concepts and inserts unconventional thinking into the spring. From 2019 on, the 49ers have rushed to 2nd, 15th and 7th thanks to Shanahan’s direction and effective blocking units including tackles Trent Williams and fullback Kyle Juszczyk.” McCaffrey said of Shanahan, “It’s better to put people in a position to be successful and fit into what they’re good at. I’ve seen him do incredible things with great running bags and running bags right now. I’m learning from them and coaching Shanahan. It’s great to hear how he coaches every position on the field, not just the running back position. You’ll hear a legend.” Previously unknown runners such as Raheem Mostert, Matt Breida, Jeff Wilson and Elijah Mitchell all had success in the San Francisco offense during that period. Mostert and Breida used their achievements to sign contracts elsewhere. Mitchell, who led a run to 963 yards in 207 attempts in San Francisco in 2021, struggled to stay on the field with an injury. Almost 5 yards per carry. But the aforementioned runner is not behind McCaffrey’s 1,000-yard rushing and 1,000-yard receiving season in 2019, his last full health season. He can’t. I think he is a very talented player. Just by the way he plays, he is a very smart player. He always gets to the right hole, is very smooth, and I’ve seen it on every level he’s played.” McCaffrey may not see the field right away, but this isn’t a short-term problem for San Francisco. It’s been used on the running back after the swing and since 2017. Missing out on most picks (Joe Williams, Trey Sermon, Tyrion Davis-Price), the 49ers undoubtedly have the star of the running back as long as they can stay healthy: Receiver Samuel, who has proven to be a capable runner in an unorthodox package. Now with McCaffrey folding, San Francisco has become a lot more dangerous offensively.” It’s an honor to compare him and I’m happy to share. I think we can do some interesting things with him and the locker room,” McCaffrey said of Samuel. Whether it’s week 7 or 8, McCaffrey thinks he’s going to make a significant difference in San Francisco. If you digest it, you go.
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