Donald Trump ousted in defamation lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll

Former President Donald Trump pauses as he speaks at a rally at Minden Tahoe Airport on October 8, 2022 in Minden, Nevada. José Luis Villegas/AP hide caption toggle caption José Luis Villegas/AP Former President Donald Trump pauses during his speech. Rally at Minden Tahoe Airport in Minden, Nevada, on October 8, 2022. José Luis Villegas/AP NEW YORK — Ex-President Trump answered questions in a lawsuit brought by sworn magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll on Wednesday. He said he raped her in her dressing room at her department store in her mid-1990s. This testimony gave Carol’s attorney an opportunity to interrogate her Trump on her assault charges and her statements made by her when she first publicly shared her story in 2019. Details of how the deposition proceeded were not immediately released. Kaplan Hecker & Fink, the law firm acting on her behalf, said, “On behalf of her client E. Jean Carroll, we are delighted to accept the testimony of Donald Trump today. I cannot comment further.” name. President Trump has called Carol’s sexual assault allegations “a lie and a lie”. His legal team worked for years to defer his statements in lawsuits brought while Republicans were still president. A federal judge last week rejected Trump’s request for another postponement, saying “it cannot expedite a plaintiff’s attempt to obtain relief for what it claims to be grossly wrong.” “My client was delighted to get the record straight today,” Alina Hava, an attorney representing Trump, said on Wednesday. Carol was due to be questioned by Trump’s lawyers last Friday. Neither her lawyer nor Trump’s side responded to questions about how the testimony went. Lawyers also did not disclose whether Trump’s testimony was made in person or remotely via video. Trump was in Florida on Wednesday. The lawsuit is ongoing in New York City courts. Anything Trump said during his statement could be used as evidence in future civil trials. He has never faced criminal charges related to Carol’s allegations and is unlikely to be prosecuted. The deadline for criminal prosecution for sexual assault charges that occurred in the 1990s has long since expired. Similar legal deadlines also applied to civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault. As a result, Carol decided to sue Trump for defamation over remarks she made in 2019 while denying any wrongdoing. She claims that her reputation has been damaged by attacks on his wife and her credibility and character. However, recently New York State lawmakers have given them one year to bring past sexual assault allegations in civil court. Carroll’s lawyer told the court that he plans to file a lawsuit against Trump when the window opens in late November. According to Carroll’s account, she met Trump while the two were shopping at the Bergdorf Goodman store across Fifth Avenue from Trump Tower. At the time, Carol appeared on television as the host of the advice program “Ask E. Jean.” She said the two shared a friendly joke as they helped him choose a gift. But after being alone for a while in her dressing room, she said he took off her stockings and raped her. In a recent statement, Trump called the story “a complete scammer.” “I don’t know who this woman is,” Trump said in a statement. .
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