Pelosi will not announce any decisions about his future as a Democratic leader until all interim results are out.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday to question whether Democrats would be willing to run again if they insisted on the House. As the count continues, a midterm election that has endured historical trends to keep the Senate and still has a path to keeping the House narrow.” Right now, nothing is said until the end of this election, and we have little time left. There are more. Will go,” she said of her future role in House leadership. ” Envy you. [the counting] ABC News estimates that 206 Democrats and 211 Republicans will win in the House as of Sunday. 18 seats are not yet expected. Democrats must win a majority of 12 seats. Pelosi, who received the votes needed to become chairman for the second time, said he would limit his chairperson’s position for a second term, ending his second term in January of this year. [Joe] Should Biden run again?” “Yes. … He has done a lot. Of course, under his leadership, more than 10 million jobs have been created in partnership with the private sector. He’s done so many great things. He put money in people’s pockets, vaccinated them, kids went back to school, people went back to work.” FiveThirtyEight and elsewhere have predicted how past mid-cycles have passed and given the bitter sentiments of voters for the Biden White House and inflation, Democrats could fall into a “red wave” that will give Republicans a yawning majority. Both the House and Senate defended incumbents. Pelosi said the Democrats’ overperformance in “this week” and “this week” was the result of ignoring conventional wisdom and continuing to run. A playbook that highlights the dining table with a focus on lowering prices while focusing on protecting access to abortion and democracy. Lee, history, history. Elections are about the future,” she said. Nancy Pelosi interviewed ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.” ABC News “I am very proud of our candidates. …they were courageous, purposeful, and understood their territory,” she continued, but Pelosi spoke of the New York election results in which the Republicans overturned four seats in the House after the aggressive Democrat Garymander was ousted.” “It’s disappointing.” The GOP’s victory in New York is now key to whether they’ll retake the House from the House. Stephanopoulos tells Pelosi how he sees Republican leader Kevin McCarthy dominating his caucus as a speaker if he wins a minority majority. “We are currently maintaining a similar margin, and we have succeeded in passing the bill,” he said. We had those numbers in our house. But we are united,” she said. She said it would be “very important” to extend the country’s debt ceiling to avoid financial hardship in a lame duck session in Congress before a new member of parliament is elected in January. Just like in the days of President Barack Obama, when Republicans tried to cut federal spending to raise the limit. “Doctor, if you decide to step down from the House of Representatives, how would you like your office to be remembered?” I have no plans to back out. “You asked me about running for leadership,” Pelosi said. As for her legacy, she pointed to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. “Meanwhile, with former President Donald Trump preparing for his comeback, Pelosi’s run will be bad news for the country.” “He didn’t live up to his oath of office, which encouraged a strange class of people who didn’t share the values ​​of our democracy to run,” she said.
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