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Parklands Shooting Case: After Nicholas Cruz hears the verdict read out in court, a jury in Nicholas Cruz’s sentencing trial told court staff that he was threatened by a fellow panel member while debating the fate of the Parkland shooter. The documents obtained by CNN include documents asking Judge Elizabeth Scherer to begin an investigation after a jury sentenced Cruise to life in prison on Thursday. The fellow jurors were in the jury room. Director Benjamin Thomas testified that a jury in CBS Miami had been resolutely insisting that Cruz should not be executed for mental illness from the very beginning of the deliberation. To reduce gun violence’ Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jamie died in the Parkland school shooting, gave a powerful speech after Thursday’s ruling. His energy is to try to prevent future tragedies. “What I will do going forward is all I can do to remind people how important the next election and voting is. “Because we have the ability to do our work in our country to reduce gun violence through voting.” Bevan Hurley14 October 2022 19:001665766815British mother hit the cruise ruling. Press conference immediately after the announcement. Anne Ramsey, daughter of more than a dozen daughters Helena, who died in the 2018 Florida Massacre, said she was “disappointed” by the jury in an emotional speech after the verdict came out. “Today I believe in justice. She was born in England but emigrated to the United States when she was young. Helena died trying to protect her friend when Cruz opened fire in her classroom at the age of 17. Zoe Tidman of the Independent read more: The British mother of a US school shooting victim accuses the verdict of saving the shooter’s life. She believes his 17-year-old daughter was one of the victims of murderer Nikolas Cruz. Bevan Hurley14 October 18, 2022 18:001665763203Families outraged when Nicholas Cruz evaded the death penalty “What do you mean? There was no circumstance that could be alleviated,” said Ilan Al-Hadev after a jury sentenced him to life in prison without parole. He is an animal. .” When Nicholas Cruz waived the death penalty, outraged Parklands family members said, ‘I passed out. I’m screwed. Today there are 17 victims of justice,’ says Fred Guttenberg, Bevan Hurley14 October 2022 17:001665759603 Mass shootings killed relatives. The pastor says the death penalty has not relieved the suffering.The 2015 shooting at the African Methodist Episcopal Church of Mother Emmanuel in Charleston made a moving statement following the Parkland verdict, Father Risher, said that an ongoing appeal over the death penalty in this case has resulted in an appeal. “We still suffer in ways we could have avoided,” he said. “We can never get our loved ones back, but without a death sentence, we can remember those we love before the terrible epidemic of gun violence affected their lives. ” Sharon Risher lost her daughter and cousin in a 2015 shooting at the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston (Getty Images)Bevan Hurley14 October 2022 16:001665756556 Prosecutors seek investigation into allegations that threatened jury One jury claimed to have been threatened by a fellow jury, and prosecutors asked Judge Elizabeth Scherer to investigate, the state said in a document obtained by CNN: “Juror X was talking with the support staff and during the trial she was in the jury room. During this time, I informed a fellow jury that I had received what was perceived as a threat.” Continue reading Prosecutors Call for Investigation into Jury Threats by Nicholas Cruz Cruz jury denied allegations from fellow jury that during deliberation he had “received what was considered a threat” from the jury “Before the trial begins”. Here is the story of Graeme Massie. The jury who had prevented Nicholas Cruz from being sentenced to death is defending himself. Cruz was accused of killing 17 people and injuring 17 people at a press conference shortly after the announcement. She will spend the rest of her life in prison, and of more than a dozen daughters who died in the Florida Massacre in 2018, Anne Ramsey, who has daughter Helena, said to the jury “I was disappointed today” in an emotional speech after the verdict came out. Helena, who was born in England but moved to the United States as a child, was only 17 when she died trying to protect a friend after Cruz opened fire in a classroom. -The old daughter was one of the victims of the murderer Nikolas Cruz. I don’t think there was any punishment for Nikolas Cruz, one of the jurors alleges he felt threatened by a fellow panel member during deliberation. To force the authorities to interview, “Juror X spoke with the support staff, and during the jury she stated that while in the jury’s room, he received what he perceived as a threat from a fellow jury.” Obtained from CNN. The document does not state how the jury voted on the final sentencing recommendation or any further circumstances surrounding the threat. Shortly after being announced as the father of one of the Rand shooting victims, the deliberation process came under scrutiny, with Ryan Petty claiming it was concluded by just one vote. There was one jury against it, Thomas said, and two later joined the jury to vote for life in prison without parole. is. The Holocaust on Twitter called for the demolition of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which has been vacant since then. Gustaf Kilander has the full story. Parkland shooting survivors demand school demolished after Nikolas Cruz ruling.’ It’s good to break it down,’ says the former student. There was nothing that could be alleviated,” said Ilan Al-Hadev when the jury sentenced him to life in prison without parole. He is an animal.” When Nicholas Cruz was exempted from the death penalty, the furious Parklands family said, ‘I passed out. I’m screwed. There are 17 victims without justice today,’ says Fred Guttenberg. Bevan Hurley14 October 2022 12:00
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