Parkland jury ‘threat’ while debating Nicholas Cruz sentencing – Live

Parklands Shooting Case: After Nicholas Cruz hears the verdict read out in court, a jury in Nicholas Cruz’s sentencing trial told court staff that he was threatened by a fellow panel member while debating the fate of the Parkland shooter. The documents obtained by CNN include documents asking Judge Elizabeth Scherer to begin an investigation after a jury sentenced Cruise to life in prison on Thursday. The fellow jurors were in the jury room. In an interview with CBS Miami, director Benjamin Thomas said a jury was adamant from the outset that Cruz was mentally ill and should not be sentenced to death. Packed in a public gallery ahead of the verdict. Lawyers from both sides have been present, but Cruz has not yet appeared in court. Oliver O’Connell13 October 2022 15:211665671244 Victim Nikolas Cruz is from Marjory, 14 high school students and 3 professors. killed Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day 2018. Victim of the 2018 Parkland, Florida High School Massacre Nicholas Cruz pleaded guilty to a 2018 shooting that killed 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Oliver O’Connell13 October 20224965:271z1 Enters CourtNicolas Cruz Initially, wearing a Covid-19 face mask, he was brought to court by law enforcement. He is speaking with his attorney Melisa McNeil, a senior adviser to the public defender, before the proceedings begin. Oliver O’Connell13 October 2022 15:311665672289 The jury must decide unanimously to recommend the death penalty. Otherwise, their recommendation would be life in prison without parole. Oliver O’Connell October 13, 2022 15:441665672633 Court currently in session The Court is currently in session. As Judge readScherer read each of the 17 verdict forms, it appears that the jury has yet to reach the death penalty unanimously. So far, the jury has evidence that his murder was aggravating, but that means life in prison without parole. The jury recommended the death penalty for one of the 17 victims. So far, the jury has not reached that decision unanimously. Oliver O’Connell13 October 2022 16:141665674867 The verdict continues to be read, but there is still no charge that the weighting factor outweighs the mitigating factor. Prosecutors have proven this. The weighting factors justify the death penalty, but Cruz’s mental health concerns outweigh that. At this time, the death penalty is still not possible. Oliver O’Connell13 October 2022 16:271665675049 Families react as imprisonment becomes more and more likely Connell13 October 2022 16:30
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