Lula, Bolsonaro’s ‘Little Dictator’ branded in a Brazilian TV debate

Jair Bolsonaro, a left-leaning leader who will become Brazil’s next president, has been labeled “a little dictator” and “the king of fake news and stupidity” in a TV debate. Brazil’s former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who nearly defeated Bolsonaro in the first round of the September presidential election, admonished opponents for handling the coronavirus and surging Amazon deforestation in a fierce two-hour showdown. “There has never been a government in history that has played a prank on a pandemic or death,” Lula told Bolsonaro, who hampered coronavirus containment and vaccination efforts. Lula, 76, dismissed the coronavirus as “a bit of flu” and spoke of Bolsonaro, who claimed he had not been vaccinated. The Om Poll leads Bolsonaro by 5-6 points ahead of the October 30 runoff, and has also attacked his rival’s attack on the environment. If elected, Lula vowed to create a ministry for the indigenous peoples, saying, “You showed no respect for the Amazon at all. Land and illegal mining.” Bolsonaro struck back in the first face-to-face debate between the two politicians during this year’s fierce power struggle, scolding his foes in a corruption scandal that ravaged his PT’s 14 years in power from 2003 to 2016. São Paulo. Sonaro has accused Lula of hanging out with left-wing dictators, including leaders of Nicaragua and Venezuela, Daniel Ortega and Nicolas Maduro, but Lula’s threat to young Brazil’s democracy is to honor dictators like Chile’s Augusto Pinochet. The notorious ex-military, Bolsonaro, has rejected these accusations, a former union leader who ruled from 2003 to 2010: “I am a defender of democracy and freedom far more than this little dictator… Lula Though expected to win an overwhelming victory over Bolsonaro in the first round of the election, the populist who admires Donald Trump outperformed most polls expected, winning Lula’s 48% to 43% of the vote. Polls have predicted that Bolsonaro’s approval rating will not exceed 37%. Lula still favors victory, but Bolsonaro’s better-than-expected performance is still disappointing until the results are announced. The eastern states, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which have to decide the outcome, together are home to nearly 64 million of Brazil’s 156 million voters. To secure it, I visited the Complexo do Alemão, one of Rio’s largest slums. Sunday’s discussion suggested that Lula had visited the community to socialize with criminals. Bolsonaro provoked the outrage of slum activists.” There were no police around, only drug traffickers.” Bolsonaro doesn’t like the poor. Bolsonaro doesn’t like black people. Bolsonaro likes people from the slums. “It doesn’t work,” Rene Silva, a media activist at Complexo do Alemão, who arranged Lula’s visit to the slums, said on Twitter.
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