Kari Lake refused to concede and said she was setting up a legal team.

Arizona’s gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake(R) refused to concede the gubernatorial run to Democrat Katie Hobbs on Thursday, raising concerns about the election process. The Associated Press and other media expected Hobbs to win the race on Monday. However, Lake stated that she is assembling a legal team to “gather evidence and data” related to the election process. “Rest assured, I have assembled the finest and most accomplished legal team and are exploring every means to right the many wrongs done in the past week,” Lake said in her video address posted Thursday morning. She said, “I am committed to righting these wrongs.” As a Trump-backed candidate, Lake dodged her question several times about whether he would accept the outcome of his election. After Election Day, Lake called elections officials “incompetent” and shortly after Hobbs was projected to be the winner, Lake tweeted, “Arizonas know BS when they see BS.” Lake said on Thursday she pointed to a printing malfunction in Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county, which includes Phoenix, which she said was “unforgivable” and claimed voters were disenfranchised. Early on election day, 70 of the county’s 223 vote centers used printers that churned ballots with ink so bright that counting machines couldn’t read them, elections officials said. Voters may wait in line until the issue is resolved, vote at a different Vote Center, or deposit their original ballot in a separate, secure box that is sent to the county’s central facility for counting. County elections officials repeatedly refuted Lake’s claims, saying no one was denied the opportunity to vote and the issue affected less than 7% of Election Day ballots. The Lake campaign and Republican groups urged counties to extend in-person voting to Election Day just before voting closed, but a state judge denied the motion, saying they saw no evidence that voters couldn’t vote. “The good news is that election officials have created redundancies,” said Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman Bill Gates (D) and vice chairman Clint Hickman in a joint statement last week. . “This allows all valid votes to be counted even if the technology sometimes fails,” the statement continued. “Voters impacted by the printer issue were able to cast their ballot in several ways yesterday, including dropping their ballots into a secure box on-site (Door 3). Those ballots will be tabulated after they are verified as legitimate.” Some of Lake’s arguments also supported former President Trump, who officially entered the 2024 presidential election on Tuesday. Lake endorsed Trump in the race. Lake on Thursday attacked Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, for refusing to sideline him in this year’s electoral process. Paul Ryan welcomes Pelosi to join the ‘ex-speakers’ club’ Hoyer, stepping down from a leadership role and paving the way for Jeffries Hobbs’ office to oversee election certification and for counties to process votes and submit tallies to the office. Hobbs’ deputy Allie Bones told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday that the office would never touch ballots in an election. But Bones added that Hobbs would perform a “cabinet act,” signing papers on a statewide canvas with the signatures of the state’s Republican governor and attorney general.

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