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For this first physical event, organized within the framework of the Porsche and TAG Heuer partnership, the entire Arno family walked the red carpet in the Place Vendôme on the closing evening. As well as CEO of TAG Heuer Frederic Arnault, his father Bernard Arnault LVMH Founder and Chairman of the Board), his brothers Alexandre Arnault (Executive Director of Products and Communications at Tiffany & Co.), Antoine Arnault (General Manager of Berluti and Chairman Loro Piana) and Jean Arnault (Director and Development of Marketing Louis Vuitton Horlogerie). This shows how important the collaboration with Porsche, announced in 2021, is. Moreover, the date and location chosen has been important since half a century after the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 was first presented on October 5, 1972 at the Paris Auto Show, the City of Lights, which is also the headquarters of LVMH. Frédéric Arnault, to which TAG Heuer belongs, said: “For many, this partnership has existed for a long time between our two legendary brands, but it actually started last year, despite our paths crossing several times in the past. Timing Racing and motorsport are very important to TAG Heuer, and Porsche was clearly a natural fit for moving in this direction. When I arrived at the brand, I contacted Porsche’s marketing director, Detlev von Platen, and We talked a lot with our team and shook hands, Detlev von Platen added: “With Carrera, we both got the same inspiration at the same time 50 years ago. , and became the name of the race we won in 1954. At that time, it was the first 911 to bear this name in 1972. » Moreover, since the 1960s, Heuer has sponsored Porsche in some races: Frédéric Arnault & Detlev Von Platen © TAG Charting Heuer 360° Paths Hundreds of people around the world today are working on this project: “The connection between the market, salespeople, designers and engineers came naturally” Arno. This is the fourth show we’ve been working on together since last year, each with a different audience and we have a roadmap for at least the next three years, and among our projects we find collaborations on cars as well as movement. “Porsche has partnered with TAG for engines in the past and it is part of our history. We are also collaborating on Formula E, tennis courts and golf courses.” The partnership between the two leaders seems to have been well established since Detlev von Platen said: “We share the same quest for innovation, high quality and technology, and we work together on many projects about connected watches or motors. there is. . Besides, our engineers work together on the software inside the car and watch. We’ve integrated information about air conditioning, battery or weight, and will add options related to racing cars. Finally, if you have a watch, why bother with a key? » Luxury goods are no longer available for purchase. So, even if the two brands seem to complement each other wonderfully in their products and services, they continue to collide in a more existential way for Detlev von Platen. “The world of contemporary luxury is changing and quality and innovation are still important, but customers are looking for brands that have the attitude and community to talk to them. Modern luxury can’t be bought any more, and one has to especially want to be part of Gen Z, but we can observe a lot of desire for TAG Heuer, especially in terms of experience, creativity and inspiration. Ultimately, our two entities share the same dynamics and DNA and can challenge each other. A brand is a promise and we want to keep it.” The Porsche manager smiled and said that he takes great pleasure in creating fantastic products with passionate people like the TAG Heuer team. Porsche RS 2.7 © Brice Lechevalier / WorldTempus Design and History Maria Laffont, TAG Heuer Design and Product Director, explains how collaboration with Porsche partners works. Her birthday and so on…. Then over time she studies design with a three-year vision to remain consistent with her current collection. The TAG Heuer Carrera collection, presented in a sportier or timeless way, depending on the limited series, is always right.” Internally, we specifically ask Nicholas Biebuyck, Heritage Director at TAG Heuer, “to understand our roots and respect our heritage.” And authenticity is essential to uphold and sustain some of the continuity.” Taking the new Carrera Chronograph as an example, Porsche has not hesitated to say that blue is the most famous color for the Porsche 911. Moreover, at the time of launch, the colors of the two cars were Cornflower White, Red, and White. Nicholas Biebuyck also points out that TAG Heuer produced the industry’s first red dial in 1974. Logically, this color would have been applied to the two limited edition TAG Heuer Carrera series, where the case profile took over all elements of the Porsche Carrera. “The potential of Porsche is immense at every level, at every line and in every type of race,” said TAG Heuer’s head of heritage. 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