Biden will soon turn 80. Don’t expect an explosive birthday party.

White House aides are keenly aware of the stories surrounding his age and are preparing for the inevitable news cycle. The subject ran into some unrest in the West Wing, and senior aides called Biden’s allies for advice on how to best handle a date that would obviously be of considerable interest to reporters and Republicans alike. For now, the plan is likely to downplay birthdays and focus on work, according to sources familiar with the discussion. “As President Biden said, anyone who has questions about his age should keep an eye on him. He achieved record job creation, made NATO the most powerful in history, and amassed the most important legislative record since LBJ in less than half of his tenure. “There is no word on whether Politico was invited to his birthday,” White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates said. “Biden is not the first president whose age has become an issue of politics. One of his predecessors, Dwight Eisenhower, is not the first president.” (Dwight Eisenhower) is famous for declaring, “No one should sit in this office over 70. And I know.” Eisenhower left the office in 1961 not long after that age. Although attitudes toward aging have changed in the decades that followed, White House aides know that Biden’s birthday will be an essentially political day: “There has never been an 80-year-old president, but if we learn a lesson from modern history, the president will be vibrant and healthy. If it seems like you’re doing your job, it means that age has become a less important factor for voters,” said presidential historian Michael Beschloss. “If a president is planning to run for re-election at an age the voters have never seen before, history shows that the burden has been on the candidate to show that age will not be an issue.” Biden emphasizes celebrating other important family days, including Thanksgiving and the anniversary of the death of his son Bo, but rarely on his birthday. He said that, according to those close to him, there are no confirmed plans yet, but that is unlikely to change this year. Biden tends to celebrate his birthday with his family. A year ago he spent a day at his home in Wilmington, Delaware, except when he went to church on a Saturday. This year he will come as many in his family will already be in Washington to celebrate the White House wedding of his granddaughter Naomi the day before. Since it was reported that Biden has launched his third presidential campaign in 2019, stories of his age have been rife across the Beltway. He has aged noticeably from his vice president days. His stride also shortened and slowed, and the fact that he broke his paw while playing with the dog during the transition didn’t help either. Then US President-elect Joe Biden points to a boot with a broken foot in Wilmington, Delaware, on December 4, 2020. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo The chatter was started by moments when Biden’s own eyebrows rose, such as when Biden spoke at a hunger insecurity conference and shouted out an Indiana congressman who died in a car accident a few months earlier. “Jackie, are you here? Where is Jackie? She shouldn’t be here. Jackie Wallowski is dead. But White House aides dismissed the idea that such comments and other mistakes were signs of old age or lack of mental strength, He noted the enormous demands and pressures, and Biden himself has long called himself a “simple machine.” I see his stuttering is more pronounced: the president ridiculed the idea that he was too old to run and said he would run for re-election, but sometimes he joked with his aides about when he was the oldest in the room. “The first president to attend the White House press dinner was Calvin Coolidge in 1924. I had just been elected to the United States Senate,” Biden said at a black tie dinner in April. He joked: “I remember saying to him, ‘Cal, be yourself.’ Go up there and say it from your heart. It’ll be fine, kid.'” Aides inside and outside the White House launched another campaign. Steps have been taken to prepare: they have proposed that the campaign kick off in the first few months of 2023, similar to when other presidents announce their re-election plans. Family discussions about running for a leading role could begin during the holidays, when a final decision is expected early in the new year, some Democrats quietly wondered if Biden was too old to run again, but many close to the president People are especially suspicious of Donald Trump if he runs for office: “Ordinary voters don’t care about that. Ordinary voters want to know what Joe Biden will do to make their lives better,” said Barack. Jim Messina, former campaign manager for President Obama’s 2012 run for re-election, said: “The White House’s job is not to talk about his age, but to sell everything they’ve done. This man did a historic job.” The oldest person elected president before Biden was 69-year-old Ronald Reagan. Although famous for his own language mistakes, Trump has already tried to make Biden’s age an issue in his first showdown. It had little effect. However, the Republican attack continued, with constant drumming that Biden was not fit to take office. “I think we’re all concerned about President Biden’s mental health,” the senator said. Doctor Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) recently said: Without concrete evidence, he added that he saw “worse” of the president. But Biden’s adviser recently said that the 2020 presidential election has addressed the current president’s age. “An American already knows his age. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat-California), who is running for re-election this year, is 82 years old. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) is 71 years old. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is 89 years old. And Trump, the Republican’s most likely favorite in 2024, is 76.
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