Four Idaho college students were likely asleep when they were stabbed, officials said.

MOSCOW, IDAHO — Four college students who were fatally wounded over the weekend were possibly killed in their sleep, some with defensive wounds, authorities said by the Latta County Coroner’s Office through Thursday. There were no indications of sexual assault in Sunday’s college murder. Idaho State student Ethan Chapin, 20; Madison Morgan, 21; Zana Kenodl, 20; Kaylee Goncalves, 21, has not been identified as a suspect in the stabbing case, the department said. Two roommates who were in the home when the four students died were named potential suspects, the department said, and others were seen on video from a late-night food truck video taken before the two victims were found dead. The report said the four friends (three of whom lived in the house where the bodies were found) were bound or gagged are not accurate, the department added. The development came two days after reporter James Fry, the Moscow police chief, said a roommate, whom authorities did not identify, was at the home when four were present. Students were murdered “early” on Sunday morning. Authorities did not receive a 911 call reporting someone “unconscious” in the home until 11:58 a.m., authorities said. It is not clear who called the emergency services. City prosecutors declined to release audio of the call on Friday, citing authorities’ ongoing investigation, and the department said in a statement on Friday that Chapin and Kernodle were last seen at the Sigma Chi house where they were dating. fraternity. They returned home at 1:45 am. Mogen and Goncalves were at the Corner Club, a local bar, between 10pm and 1:30am, the department said. Ten minutes later, they were recorded on food truck cameras before being serviced on the way home. They arrived home at roughly the same time as Chapin and Kernodle, the department said. Less than a mile from campus, the neighborhood surrounding a house surrounded by crime scene tape was quiet Friday. At one point, a team of forensic experts could be seen examining the home, and many student residents living nearby were unafraid or allowed to let authorities continue digging for clues. Many people left town for the university’s Thanksgiving break. Renee Weiss, a 24-year-old woman who lives across the street from where the murders took place, asked for her patience. Hampton/NBC News “They need community help. It will take longer if no one sees anything or knows what happened,” Weiss, who is not a student, said. Weiss wants answers too, but she acknowledged that the investigation may take time. “This is not a ‘Criminal Minds’ episode. It’s not going to be done in an hour,” she added. I’d rather take longer to know that you’ve caught the right person, slapp each other, and wrongfully arrest someone.” Authorities have the same reaction to investigations every day. Anything? He said, ‘It’s nothing. It’s nothing.'” More than 20 local patrol officers and detectives were assisted by 22 FBI investigators and 35 Idaho State Troopers, the Moscow Police Department said. 38 were interviewed, the department said. We are doing the fastest and most thorough thing we can to maintain the integrity of this case,” Fry told “Nightly News.”
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