Brazil’s presidential primary, Bolsonaro-Lula

BRAZIL, October 29 (Reuters) – Brazil’s fierce presidential race intensifies ahead of Sunday’s vote, several polls on Saturday showed that right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro was in the majority of polls for left-wing contender Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. You’re eroding some of the advantages. The incumbent candidate is on the verge of a comeback victory, with Lula falling from a 6 percentage point lead three days ago compared to Bolsonaro at 48% with 52% of the effective vote, according to a survey conducted by polling organizations Datafolha and Quaest. According to polling agency MDA, Lula’s lead fell to 2 percentage points, the same margin of error in a poll commissioned by the transportation sector lobby CNT. Most polls still suggest a slight preference for Lula to return to third term, showing surprising political limits. He rebounded after being imprisoned on overturned bribery charges. But Bolsonaro outperformed the polls in the first round of voting on Oct. 2, and many analysts say the election could go either way. ballot paper. AtlasIntel, one of the most accurate polling agencies in the first round, Lula took the lead by 7 percentage points, and Bolsonaro ended the campaign by leading a motorcycle rally with supporters in major state Minas Gerais. Lula walked one of São Paulo’s main thoroughfares along with thousands of supporters after telling foreign reporters that her rivals were not fit for power. The characters, who show severe polarization, were shown each other’s personalities in a final TV debate on Friday night. and records were attacked. Bolsonaro kicked off the debate by denying reports that the minimum wage could be exempt from inflation and instead announcing that if re-elected, he would raise it to 1,400 real ($260) a month. This is not part of his government’s 2023 budget. Analysts say Lula’s lead in the first round by 5 percentage points in the decisive pending vote has little basis in the argument for the president’s victory in an election that polls show almost stable. , he has given him momentum for the start of the month, but the campaign over the past two weeks has been backfired. A week ago, one of Bolsonaro’s allies opened fire on federal police coming to arrest him. On Sunday, Congressman Carla Zambelli, one of his closest people, aimed a gun and chased Lula supporters into a Sao Paulo restaurant after a political argument on the streets. Jambelli told reporters that he was aware of the election laws that ban the possession of guns 24 hours before the election, but that he had deliberately ignored the solicitation scandal that damaged the Lula Workers’ Party’s reputation. Lula has promised to revive that boom, and Bolsonaro has suggested that the current social program is more effective. EDIT: Brad Haynes, Chris Reese and Daniel WallisOur Standard: Thomson Reuters Trust Principle.
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