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Jury finds Elizabeth Holmes guilty of fraud Sign up for our free US news bulletins delivered straight to your inbox every weekday morning. Sign up for our free morning US email news bulletin. Theranos founder Elizabeth Homes has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for defrauding her investors. Start blood test. Holmes, who she plans to appeal, will not be sentenced to 135 months in prison until April 2023, her judge announced at a hearing. . “I felt deep pain for what people went through because I let them down.” Prosecutors asked Judge Edward Davila to sentence Holmes to 15 years in prison and pay $800 million in restitution for the company’s fraudulent claims. Holmes’ lawyers cast her as the scapegoat who overcame a toxic relationship with Theranos COO Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani to become a loving mother. Defense attorney Kevin Downey said she had “good intentions” and that there was no evidence that she was driven by greed. Holmes was convicted in January of three counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit fraud. Judge Davila said he A restitution hearing will be scheduled to determine the amount Holmes owes later. Highlights Show latest updates 1668862800Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison. Judge Edward Davila told the heavily pregnant former Theranos president: ‘Failure is normal. However, failure due to fraud is not okay. I felt deep pain for what people went through because I let them down,” Elizabeth Holmes told the judge through tears. It was the first time Holmes had taken responsibility for Theranos failure. Elizabeth Holmes Speaks on Stage at the Closing Ceremony Clinton Global Initiative 2015 (Getty)Bevan Hurley19 November 2022 12:001668855600 A shocking victim impact statement from Alex Schultz, father of Theranos whistleblower Tyler, said Holmes took a “wrecking ball” to the family. After hiring a private detective to dig into his life, he said he feared for his life, looking straight at Elizabeth Holmes and saying, “My son slept with a knife under his pillow every night, thinking someone was going to come and kill him.” Son of former Secretary of State George Schultz, who was a Theranos supporter. Bevan HurleyNov 19, 2022 11:001668852000Altruistic dreamer or scheming fraudster? Doesn’t seem to put an end to the debate about whether they’re cheaters wearing sweaters and choosing to “cheat over honesty” Bevan Hurley19 10 Nov 2022 :001668848400Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison Judge Edward Davila said she was heavily pregnant As he told former Theranos president: ‘Failure is normal, but failure by fraud is not okay.’ The tragedy is that Holmes had great, creative ideas, she’s a big thinker, she’s got her male ego behind. It was moving into a boating industry. She entered that world.” Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes (center) arrives at federal court in San Jose, California, with her partner Billy Evans (right) and her mother Noel Holmes on Nov. 18, 2022. : 001668841200 Elizabeth Holmes bypasses the press and exits the courthouse through her side doorway. After her sentencing, Elizabeth Holmes slipped out of her side doorway amid dozens of cameras installed at the front door of a federal courthouse in San Jose. She was awarded the 11th of April. (EPA)Bevan Hurley19 November 2022 07:001668837600Wall Street Journal reporter comments on Holmes’ sentencing John Carreyrou exposes Theranos problem in Wall Street Journal went to court to see Holmes sentenced. The sentence was “hard” but appropriate given that Holmes endangered her patients. Bevan Hurley Nov 19, 2022 06:001668834000Altruistic foresight or guileless con man? Cheating on frankness ”. : ‘Failure is normal. But fraud is not okay to fail.’Bevan Hurley19 Nov 2022 04:00
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