Kanye West Agrees To Acquire Conservative Social Media Platform Parler

Superstar rapper Kanye West, who has made several inflammatory and anti-Semitic comments in recent weeks, has agreed to acquire the conservative social media platform Parler in principle, the app’s parent company said in a statement on Monday. said. As controversial as we are, we need to make sure we have the right to express ourselves freely.” West, who is now next to Ye, said in a statement released by Parler. The move is a move that Ye has taken on Twitter and Instagram to promote anti-Semitism. In one post, Ye discussed the long-standing anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that fellow rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs was controlled by the Jews, while on Twitter, Ye had ‘Descon 3’ on JEWISH PEOPLE’s account was restricted. Yeezy’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Yee’s net worth is said to be $2 billion. Most of his fortune comes from his Yeezy sneaker brand and partnerships with Gap and Adidas. However, Yeh recently cut ties with Gap, and Adidas said it was also considering doing business with Gap, JPorgan Chase also cut ties with the rapper. It’s one of several right-wing-friendly platforms that emerged during the Donald Trump era, claiming to have been treated unfairly by other apps, Gettr, run by former Trump adviser Jason Miller, and Truth Social, Trump’s own app, which is under federal scrutiny for its parent company, Trump’s IPO. Conservative-friendly video platform Rumble was unveiled last month. Parler was caught up in controversy over the role he played in January last year. Riots in the Capitol Building on June 6, 2021. This caused Google and Amazon to fight. Many tech companies, including others, have blacklisted their services, making their apps and websites inaccessible.Apple restored the app from the App Store platform in April 2021. Parler built its own cloud infrastructure in-house, making it inaccessible to other companies. Trying to reduce reliance on technology, the company started offering its own cloud services for online businesses. In September, with the goal of forming a new parent company, Parliament Technologies. The company said at the time that “the future is irreversible.” Yewa Parlor’s parent company expects to close the deal before the end of the year. According to the Monday 2020 announcement, the terms of the deal include technical support for the parent company’s Parler and use of private cloud services. Citing Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Instagram parent company Meta, etiquette friend Elon Musk said, “Welcome back to Twitter. Musk spoke with Ye in a tweet, saying, “I recently expressed concern about his tweet and I “I think he took it to heart.” Musk is currently pursuing a Twitter acquisition, which was revived last week after the Tesla CEO said in April that he would buy the social media platform for $54.20 in the first agreed-upon share price. The billionaire, who calls the United States “freedom of expression absolutist,” said he wants Twitter to become a “digital town square” that promotes freedom of expression. “We need to change the way the world thinks about freedom of the press,” Palmer said in a statement. “You are making a breakthrough into the free speech space and you will never have to fear being removed from social media again,” he said. “Once again, Ye is one step ahead of traditional media narratives. prove it. Parliament is honored to help achieve his goals.” Palmer is married to American Conservative activist Candice Owens, one of the advocates of courtesy on social media. He is a British Conservative politician Michael Palmer, a senator in the British Parliament. is also the son of
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