Ted Cruz mocks AOC calling Kanye West’s post.

Fox News hosts were forced to give back an on-air comeback support for Kanye West. Both .Twitter and Instagram have restricted access to West’s account after he shared a series of anti-Semitic posts over the weekend. Death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” according to Internet Archive records. This is an explicit reference to a measure of US military readiness known as DEFCON. He then asserted that he was not “anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jews.” Twitter removed the tweet and replaced it with text stating that it violated Twitter rules. , back to the company’s platform usage guidelines. Over the weekend, West shared a post on Instagram suggesting that Sean “Diddy” Combs was under Jewish control. A week into a “seriously troublesome, dangerous, anti-Semitic period”. Key Points View Latest Updates 1665489649 Ariana Grande shares a post criticizing Kanye West’s remarks. American pop artist Ariana Grande shared a viral clip of Jamie Lee Curtis giving a tearful speech to Kanye West’s most recent anti-Semitic social media post. In a clip of Curtis interviewing NBC Today host Hoda Kotb, she describes how she “shed tears” after seeing anti-Semitic posts from the West. “Death cone 3 for Jews? What are you doing? I mean, it’s bad enough that fascism is rising globally, but on Twitter and portals pouring it out as if the Jews weren’t hard enough?” Curtis, of Hungarian-Jewish descent, said on the father’s side. Ariana Grande re-shared a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram about the recent aftermath of Kanye West’s remarks, all of which seemed to show support for criticizing the rapper’s remarks (Instagram/Ariana Grande) Grande also shared posts from Syrian artist and Instagram influencer pseudonym Saint Hoax, where they had a collection of West’s posts and tweets in Photoshop discussing his mental health. “It’s possible to recognize Kanye’s mental health problems and denounce his dirty and dangerous anti-Semitism.” One of the tweets used in the collage was reshared by Grande. Ariana Grande re-shared a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram about her recent aftermath of Kanye West’s remarks, all of which appear to support her in criticizing the rapper’s remarks. Johanna Chisholm11 October 2022 13:001665488449 Jimmy Kimmel ‘Kanye-themed bar mitzvah is off’ Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist publicly bashing the celebrity who was making headlines with his recent social media mockery. On Monday night, after briefly recapitulating that the United States is not going to celebrate Columbus Day (“No Google Doodles”), the ABC host turned his attention to “The President of the Future.” “Ye-zier than ever,” Kanye West began, and Kimmel said, “So is Mel Gibson. He said in a text exchange posted online by the rapper, Sean Describing how “Diddy” Combs accused him of being controlled by Jews, then the defeated host responded: !”View full clip: Johanna Chisholm11 October 2022 12:401665486900 Candace Owens responded to anti-Semitic tweets by Kanye Advocating West ICYMI: Controversial conservative commentator was pictured with Kanye West wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt at the YZY brand fashion show in Paris. .After the show, she shared her Instagram Story She has also been criticized for posting pictures of herself in her outfit on Facebook. Now, she said, “An honest person would not have thought this tweet was anti-Semitic.. If you were an honest person, you would have had no idea what he was talking about when you read this tweet. will.” And she added:151665485149 Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel calls Kanye West, Kim Kardashian ‘high-profile billionaire.’ Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel commented on the fallout in Kanye West’s social media post on Instagram on Monday. “We empower these people,” Skinnygirl CEO, 51, said in a post on Instagram: “We and the media empower these people, so why are they doing so?” I wonder if he has a lot of power. We make them billionaires. We buy products. We feed the animals. We cannot feed the beast and wonder why it is taking its place.” She snorted her, referring to West and Kardashian’s billion-dollar business ventures. 51-year-old Bethenny Frankel posted on Instagram to inform a news cycle where she sees headlines and power in Kanye West, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and two billionaires (Instagram/bethennyfrankel)” The Wrong People Involved in Politics We feed the beasts. It’s up to us,” she added. “If we hadn’t made them so powerful, we wouldn’t have even heard them say.” The social media ridicule has caused a commotion among many that the social media giants should ‘permanently ban’ him from the platform. Inga Parkel has a story. Jamie Lee Curtis condemns Kanye West’s recent social media ridicule by an anti-Semitic ‘hateful’ postrapper. Many celebrities denounce Kanye West’s uproaring anti-Semitic remarks, with many demanding that social media giants ‘permanently ban’ him from the platform. Earlier, Ms Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter to criticize the rapper. “There is no place for anti-Semitism in this country or in the world,” said the New York House of Representatives. Ms Ocasio -Cortez wrote on Monday: “Are you going to vote to condemn the squad?” Read The Independent’s Full Story Squad ‘ Johanna Chisholm11 October 2022 11:011665477060 Indiana Attorney General Faces Backlash After Defending Kanye West We started working on the remarks that appeared. He became the most recent victim of the cancellation culture being wrong: “The constant hypocrisy of the press is at an all-time high. They are now chasing after Kanye for having his new fashion line, independent thinking, and thinking contrary to Hollywood norms,” Mr Rokita tweeted on Sunday. He later tracked the tweet in a thread and clarified that his post had nothing to do with Mr West’s comments about “Hollywood elite” and had nothing to do with comments the rapper blocked on Twitter on Saturday night. It is specifically and clearly aimed at the hypocrisy of the media and the Hollywood elite and has nothing to do with any other commentary. I have a clear, clear and substantial parliamentary and public record of 100% support for the Jewish community and Israel,” he tweeted in a follow-up message. However, under Mr. Rokita’s thread, many online began to question the lawyer’s time. Marc Bodnick tweeted that “he defended Kanye right after he made anti-Semitic comments” and that “it’s not complicated”. Marisa Kabbas tweeted, “Hi Todd! Jews here. Can you tell me how much anti-Semitism is the same as “independent thinking”?” A quote by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted the Attorney General and expressed contempt for the chief legal counsel’s remarks on Jews. Defending someone against a long-running public attack on South Korea is a new dimension in 2022.” Graeme Massie11 October 2022 09:311665471450 Kanye West said she showed a pornographic video to an Adidas executive during a meeting. Kanye West said at a recent business meeting that Adidas executive Claims to have played a pornographic movie for Monday (October 10) Monday (October 10), the 45-year-old rapper posted a 30-minute video on YouTube titled “LAST WEEK”. Post-war footage shows West, legally renamed Ye, seated in an empty room with Adidas executives in a black chair, with the faces of all but Ye blurred. You can see him holding his phone horizontally in front of an executive while doing a pl. After a few seconds one of the men asked, “Is this a porn movie?” Another answered “yes”, the other said “Jesus Christ ‘ and kept showing the video until one of them stopped him, saying, “Hey, hey. Come on.” Kanye West claims she showed a pornographic video to Adidas executives during a meeting. This comes after Ye’s Instagram account was restricted over the weekend due to anti-Semitic posts. : Hollywood actors began to backlash over Kanye West’s remarks over the weekend. Some, via their social media accounts, have started sharing how the famous rapper’s words can convey meaning and “injure” people and potentially “incite violence.” The most holy day in Judaism was last week. Words matter. Threats against Jews once ended in genocide. Your words hurt and incite violence. You are a father. American actor Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted on Sunday, ” Please stop.” Comedian Sarah Silverman accused Hollywood people outside of the Jewish community she had seen for keeping “silence” on West’s message. It’s not a trend either. Why are most Jews hating Jews? Against ? Silence is too loud.” Graeme Massie11 October 2022 07:561665468721 Elon Musk welcomed West back to Twitter shortly before the rapper was banned from the account ICYMI: Friday night Kanye West followed Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram account Tesla founder Elon Musk was banned for posting policy violations when he went to Twitter to announce the rapper, but Tesla founder Elon Musk welcomed the rapper’s “return to Twitter.” The old photo was posted on Twitter and captioned “how you got off Instagram.” In the comments section below, the SpaceX founders replied: “Friend, welcome back to Twitter!”
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