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Fox News hosts were forced to support U-turnovers for Kanye West. Kanye West continued to air “More Hate Speech and Extremely Dangerous Stereotypes” while recording a new episode of LeBron James’ YouTube talk show Uninterrupted Shop. The show, produced by Shop, James and his business manager Maverick Carter, said in a statement first released to Andscape on Tuesday that they would be canning episodes recorded with Ye this week and would not disclose what they specifically said, but apologized. said. He thanked the crew and guests for “believing Kanye wanted another conversation.” “Hate speech should never have an audience.” A video leaked on Tuesday also showed West making a series of anti-Semitic remarks, including: Edited from an interview with Tucker Carlson. The rapper, banned from Twitter and Instagram because of a series of separate anti-Semitic posts, has also been locked in a house by “fake children” trying to control his children. The controversial fashion mogul also talked about fantasies about God-sent ‘kinetic energy’. Show Latest Updates 1665580851 Trump-backed Missouri Senate Candidate Tweets, Deletes, Supports Kanye West A Trump-backed Missouri Senate candidate tweeted support for Kanye West on Monday. Days after the rapper launched separate anti-Semitic attacks on Twitter and Instagram, the result is booting on both platforms. “America needs a Kanye West Kid Rock tour. Let’s go!” tweeted by Missouri Attorney General and Republican Senate nominee Eric Schmitt. He seemed to have won the former president’s support ahead of the Republican primary against Eric Grayton last summer, but it was still unclear who he was referring to, as Trump at the time simply said he would “support Eric Eric”.”.Johanna Chisholm12 October 2022 14:201665578751Mehdi Hasan called Fox News after a videotape of an interview with Kanye West was unearthed Anti-Semitic remarks edited from an interview with host Tucker Carlson Never take anti-Semitic issues seriously again .” Showing porn video to Adidas executives during business meetingICYMI: Kanye West has released a video that appears to be showing porn videos to Adidas business executives, Ye’s rapper has released a bizarre 30-minute vlog titled ‘LAST’ WEEK ‘ is released on his YouTube channel Monday morning. In one clip, he appears to be having a business meeting with five men when he pulls out his phone to show the group a video. One of the unidentified men asks. , you can hear West answer “yes.” Watch the full clip of the documentary here with the Independent: Kanye West shows a pornographic video to an Adidas executive during a business meeting. Kanye West to an Adidas business executive Ye has released a video that appears to be showing a pornographic video, in which rapper Ye posted a bizarre 30-minute vlog titled ‘LAST WEEK’ on her YouTube channel, where West appears to be having a business meeting with five men. He takes out his cell phone and shows the video to the group. “Is this a porn movie?” An unidentified man asks. “Yes,” West replies. Mr. West’s colleague goes on to say that Adidas is the rapper’s I accuse you of stealing the idea. Sign up for breaking news email alerts here: Johanna Chisholm12 October 2022 13:201665574251 Trevor Noah includes West’s comments on his top contender for this week’s most ‘surprising racism’: Most of the week” It placed him in the top three on the rankings for “Amazing Racism.” A host on The Daily Show started talking about the rapper on Tuesday night, who took down Twitter and Instagram accounts because of separate anti-Semitic posts. It cannot be used.” to your 50 million followers. Do you mean promoting anti-Semitism?” What he admitted to be a less important point of West’s rant was a typo in which the rapper wrote that it would be “Death Con 3″ to Jews. “I know this is not the point, but the way you say it is not. I know that’s not the main issue. I know.” Noah added. “But it’s DEF CON 3. Okay, not Death Con. 3. Death Con sounds like a trade show showcasing all the latest pavilions or something.” View full clip:Johanna Chisholm12 October 2022 12:301665572520 Elon Musk Says He Said To Kanye West on his anti-Semitic tweet ICYMI: Elon Musk revealed that he spoke with controversial Kanye West who posted an anti-Semitic message. The tweet and he believes West has taken his concerns seriously. His latest tweet touched my heart,” the Tesla CEO wrote on Tuesday. Musk’s second tweet about the controversy was in response to his previous tweet, welcoming the rapper and fashionista and his “friends” back to Twitter after almost a short time. 2 years. Continue reading The Independent’s full article here: Elon Musk said he spoke with Kanye West about his anti-Semitic tweets. tMusk previously celebrated West’s return to Twitter after nearly two years. LeBron James’ YouTube talk show Uninterrupted The Shop. The Shop said in a statement first released to Andscape on Tuesday while recording a new episode produced by the championship-winning NBA star and his business manager, Maverick Carter. It is the position that the episode where the trailer was recorded will be selected and the details of the controversial person will not be disclosed. Kanye was booked a few weeks in advance and after speaking directly with Kanye the day before we tapped, I believed he could have a respectful discussion and I believed he was ready to cover everything he had recently mentioned,” Carter said in a statement on Tuesday. said. The rapper was blocked from Twitter and Instagram accounts for posting anti-Semitic comments. “Unfortunately, he used Shop to repeat more hate speech and extremely dangerous stereotypes.” The executive producer’s statement added that the show would not air specific remarks provided while recording the episode and would “take it completely”. He is responsible for his own misjudgment,” he said. “While the Shop welcomes thoughtful discourse and diverse opinions, we do not tolerate hate speech of any kind and will never allow our channels to be used to incite hatred,” Carter said. “I am fully responsible for believing that Kanye wants another conversation, and I apologize to the guests and crew. Hate speech should never have an audience.” According to Andscape, James did not attend the scheduled West episode recording a few weeks before the latest controversy involving the rapper. Johanna Chisholm12 October 2022 11:131665568980ICYMI: House GOP Judiciary faces demands to delete tweets commemorating Kanye WestICYMI . A tweet from Republican lawmakers on the committee simply read, “Kanye. Elon. In connection with rapping Kanye West, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump, West has been suspended from Twitter and Instagram for anti-Semitic posts. The House Judiciary GOP posted a tweet on Thursday, according to the BBC. Last weekend, West took a break from Twitter and Instagram after claiming that rapper Didi was under Jewish control, the BBC reported, and Trump’s communications adviser suggested that the committee delete the tweet. Read The Independent’s full report with Gustaf Kilander at: House Judiciary GOP Faced with Requests to Remove Tweet Congratulating Kanye West’ This tweet is still valid days after Kanye’s full-fledged anti-Semitism. Republicans are an active threat to Jewish-American Graeme Massie Host Tucker Carlson. “When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, bots attack her weight loss on Instagram. The media doesn’t know that being overweight is really unhealthy.” But it’s a new goal,” West said. “He has legally changed his name to Yes,” Carlson said. The “Truth Hurts” singer now features her in Vanity Fair’s new cover story. The body humiliating remarks I’ve received from critics over the years have started to talk about how “it really hurts”: “And when one person speaks and another speaks, it breeds like a fucking king virus. On the Internet, enough people If you start expressing feelings for you, it becomes part of your public persona and you have no control over it,” she said in a new interview. Read Meredith Clark’s full story here: ‘I’m going to live What would happen if we subtract ”People have called me fat all my life,’ said singer Graeme Massie in a recent interview. You are partly responsible for it’ICYMI: American actor, playwright and screenwriter Harvey Fierstein tweeted on Tuesday just days after Kanye West had spread a series of anti-Semitic posts on the same platform and was later shut down. Kanye West’s response to the Jewish threat?” The hairspray star tweeted Tuesday morning, “Don’t try to hide behind ‘You know he’s crazy’.” “He threatened death. His excuse is that the Jews stopped him. Does he attack you as a restrained person? Ignoring hate speech is partly to blame.” Graeme Massie12 October 2022 09:0116655557809 Ariana Grande shares a post condemning Kanye West’s remarks. – In her Jewish social media post, she said she was “disgusting.” In a clip where Curtis interviews NBC Today host Hoda Kotb, she explains how she “shed tears” when she saw anti-Semitic posts from the West. “. “Death cone 3 for Jews? What are you doing? I mean, it’s bad enough that fascism is rising globally, but it’s pouring out on Twitter and portals as if the Jews weren’t hard enough?” Curtis, of Hungarian-Jewish descent from her father’s side, said Ariana Grande on Twitter and Instagram re-shared a series of posts about the recent aftermath of Kanye West’s remarks, all of which provoked criticism of the rapper’s remarks. (Instagram/Ariana Grande) Grande also shared a post by Syrian artist and Instagram influencer pseudonym Saint Hoax, where they shared West’s posts and a collection of tweets discussing his mental health. I had it in Photoshop. “It’s possible to recognize Kanye’s mental health problems and to vehemently condemn his dirty and dangerous anti-Semitism.” Re-shared a series of posts about the recent aftermath of West’s remarks, all of which appear to support her in criticizing the rapper (Instagram/Ariana Grande)Graeme Massie12 October 2022 07:56
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