Nouri Martinez also made crude comments about Jews and Armenians in the leaked recordings.

In the same leaked audio clip posted on Reddit where former Los Angeles City Council Chairman Nouri Martinez made racist comments about blacks and Oaxacas, she also made crude comments about Jews and Armenians. Martinez said on Tuesday that she would leave her seat on city council two days after a recording of her mocking several of her colleagues and making racist remarks was released. Martinez stepped down as chairman of the city council on Monday. For the record: 10/11/2022 2:46 PM An earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Councilman Kevin De Leon as “Ian, I promise.” Assemblyman Gil Cedillo said: In a recording reviewed by The Times, Martinez can be heard saying “judíos,” meaning Jew in Spanish, “has stopped doing business with South LA.” , “I’m sure Katz and his crew have an agenda,” said former State Representative Richard Katz. Katz served on the City’s 21-member Redistricting Committee, working on a map of the City Council’s district boundaries. He was Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s nominee, “They will ruin everyone else,” Martinez said in the recording. Former Los Angeles County Labor Federation president Ron Herrera and former Los Angeles City Council president Nury Martinez discussed Jewish politicians, and Martinez argued that ‘Judios’ would “damage everyone else” will,” he asserts. The conversation took place in October 2021 and also included city councilors Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo. They were discussing a map proposed by the Redistricting Commission. Herrera resigned Monday night amid a backlash against controversial remarks. Martinez, Cedillo and De León have also been called upon several times to resign. Martinez also spoke of Representatives Adrin Nazarian and Paul Krekorian of Armenian descent. “He also wants his man elected,” Martinez said, referring to Crecorian. “So he needs a region where Adrin Nazarian can win. That is what they want. They want to make sure that there is no Armenian region in the valley, but that region is where as many Armenians as possible can play. I want to be there.” Martinez added that it was not known whether Nazarian would be elected in a “white” constituency if white, a reputable white businessman had been in the area … [it] still white But it’s up to them,” she said. “Not me. I don’t break the deal with anyone because I don’t know. I don’t know if he can win.” Later in the conversation, Martinez tried to identify Areen Ibranossian, Krekorian’s former chief of staff and now Rick Caruso’s chief mayoral campaign chief adviser: Someone in the room asked, “What’s your name? What does he look like?” She said he was “a man with one eyebrow.” “I like him.” Martinez added that he was married to her friend. When Martinez couldn’t remember his last name and she asked what it was, Cedillo answered. “It ends with this one. I guarantee.” Nazarian called for the resignations of Martinez, Cedillo and De León on Tuesday. “The racist views and approaches to governance expressed by MPs Martinez, Cedillo and De León represent everything that is wrong with our city government.” Facebook. “In a council full of historical firsts, prejudice shouldn’t be in our community’s leadership conversations. This approach to governance seeks to divide communities that are disenfranchised and often traumatized at a moment in our history where unity cannot be more important than this. opinion of legislators. “The comments made by the individuals in question not only betray their mission to serve everyone, regardless of status, but also clearly demonstrates that they have no respect for Los Angeles’ diverse community,” the group said in a statement on Tuesday. “Racist remarks directed at individuals and groups in Los Angeles are completely unacceptable and reflect a dramatic and devastating failure.” Labor leaders have expressed serious concerns about the integrity of the redistricting process. “This is a process that must not be compromised by the illegal intervention of policymakers in backdoor meetings held outside the public arena,” the statement read. Martinez, De Leon, Cedillo and Herrera spoke about their role in the conversation on Sunday. I apologized. In a statement announcing the vacation, Martinez said the aftermath of the recording was “one of the toughest times of my life.” She also apologized to “City Council District 6 resident, my colleague, the City of Los Angeles.” In one of the leaked audio clips, Martinez called Mike Bonin’s young black son “parece changuito” or “like a monkey.” ‘ and Bonin said that she treated her son like a ‘trinket’. At one time she called Bonin a “little bitch.” Martinez also mocked Oaxacan and said, “F-that man. … with the black man.” Talking about the Los Angeles County constituency Arty, comments about the leaked recording provoked outrage across L.A. along with Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mayor Karen Bass and Senator Caruso, Alex Padilla and many city councilors Martinez to resign, Times reporter Dakota Smith contributed to this report.
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