Ukrainian soldiers welcomed with flowers in Kherson after the Russian retreat

KLAPAYA, UKRAINE, NOVEMBER 12 (Reuters) – Ukrainian soldiers pouring in to take control of the right bank of the Dnipro River after a Russian attack stunned villagers carrying flowers on their way to the southern city of Kherson on Saturday Waiting to welcome them and kiss them. retreat. Incoming and outgoing artillery shells continued to swept the area around Kersson International Airport, and police said they were setting up checkpoints inside and outside the city and clearing landmines left by Russian troops. The mayor said the humanitarian situation is “serious”. That’s because the city, where residents celebrated liberation on what President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called Friday a “historical day,” ran out of water, medicine and bread in the city. -Pick flowers, smile and wave at vehicles carrying Ukrainians,” Buhilova said, making them 20 years younger in the two days before a Ukrainian soldier jumped out of a light truck and hugged the pair. Outside the town of Chornobayivka, close to Kherson, Reuters The reporter saw the following fires coming in from Russia: cluster bomb attacks at a nearby airport soon followed by a series of fire from the Ukrainian side Reuters reporters were turned by soldiers near the outskirts of Kersson and were unable to proceed further. “It’s too dangerous. One officer was injured in the destruction of one of Kersson’s administrative buildings,” the police said. Mayor Roman Holovnia told television that “the city has a major water shortage.” “There is currently a shortage of bread because there is a shortage of medicine and we cannot bake bread. There is no electricity.” THE ROAD TO KHERSON[1/6] A local resident hugs a Ukrainian soldier while people celebrate after the Russian retreat from Kherson in central Ukraine on November 12, 2022. The destroyed T72 tank is left with its turret upside down. The irrigation ditch was filled with abandoned Russian equipment and several anti-tank mines were seen along the roadside. “They said they wouldn’t hurt us and we should stay at our house,” from the Russian-occupied Donetsk region. But for two weeks, Russian soldiers captured Klapaya and told the villagers that they had come in search of “Nazis and Van ders”. , and America’s biological laboratory,” she replied, adding, “If you want to find them, go find them somewhere else and go home.” Do it,” she continued. She said the invaders also looted houses from which residents had fled. Moscow described the actions in Ukraine as “special military operations.” claimed to have hosted a U.S.-run biological weapons facility, Kyiv and its allies say the Russian invasion, which killed tens of thousands and uprooted millions, was an unprovoked illicit act. Standing in a dusty corner, there was a sign on the cupboard door that drew “Kherson” and an arrow pointing to a detour around the destroyed bridge on Mykolaiv’s main highway.” We are here because we wanted to help in any way. So we made the sign a few hours ago,” Artem, 17, said. Villagers said the Russians left on Wednesday night. Hyhory Kulyaka, 54, ran over on a scooter. “They just disappeared,” Jonathan Landay said. Reported; by Tom Balmforth; edited by Christina FincherOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principle.
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