Can LSU build in Alabama? More CFB matches to track today

Welcome to the regular season home stretch. The conference championship game and the announcement of four contestants from the College Football Playoff are three weeks away. League races are starting to take shape as teams start to recede. Always Eastern Time. Watch college football on fuboTV: Start your free trial today. NoonOklahoma (-7.5) in WVU Oklahoma’s rocky season continues after a three-point loss to Baylor last week. This game should be something you can get for your players soon, as they’re unlikely to face a worse defense in league play this season. But this OU team is not a team to simply ignore on a given Saturday because they think they should. Notable Matchups: Neal Brown vs. employment security. This game could go a long way toward determining Brown’s fate at the end of the season. The athletics administration is in his corner, but things could change if the fanbase continues to rave about him. If Dunners escapes defeat soon, things could get even worse. Purdue at Illinois (-6.5) This game isn’t necessarily a game they want to win in Illinois, but their hopes for the Big Ten Championship are still going on so life will be much easier if they win. A win here will allow them to possess a tiebreaker against a lot of enemies and still throw a ticket to Indianapolis, even if they go 1-1 in the remaining two games. For a team with a fine margin ball like them, that cushion will be key. Matchups to watch: Purdue WR Charlie Jones vs. Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon. Do you want to talk about power over power? Jones at 119 holds about a third of Purdue’s target share. Next closest is the tight Payne Durham. Illinois covers real brands, and the long-powerful Witherspoon can take Jones. Arkansas’ LSU (-3.5) suddenly became everyone’s favorite sweetheart after beating Alabama. It is clear that the LSU is not the hapless unit that struggled in the opening game against the FSU or smoked a cigarette in Tennessee at home. But then comes Arkansas, a physical opponent who wants to drag the game into the mud and force the Tigers to play a run game. Ball Match: LB Harold Perkins vs. QB KJ Jefferson. Perkins has appeared in serious form this season and is one of the brightest spots in LSU’s defense as one of the best young players. The way defensive coordinator Matt House teased him at Alabama’s Bryce Young was interesting last week and now he has another chance to shine. LSU have great expectations after their win over Alabama in the 10th week. Tyler Kaufman/Associated Press Midday Louisville at Clemson (-7) , 3:30 pm The Tigers were domesticated at Notre Dame when the Fighting Irish physically whipped the Clemson defensive line. If you’ve been following the Tigers program over the past few years, it’s honestly been a shock. . DJ Uiagelele starts, but again it is a question of who will finish in Clemson’s QB position. Matchups to watch: Clemson’s offensive line vs. Louisville Pass Rush. The Cardinals are targeting the quarterbacks at a fast pace and the press will be a real death sign for the Clemson offense as the Uiagelele and Clemson offense have struggled enough when everything is fine in their pockets. Wisconsin at Iowa (+1.5), 3:30 pm I understand this is probably a whining situation, but Iowa has put together two fairly decent games for offense. Now, the competition has taken it to the next level with the arrival of Wisconsin. The Badgers don’t expect much of a season balance for Jim Leonhard to keep his job permanent, and they have one win left to watch. Notable Matchups: Wisconsin OL vs. front of Iowa. Badgers aren’t what they used to be when they were on the offensive line. This is a much less dominant force than we are used to. If there’s one thing Iowa is really good at, it’s an effective defense that starts right in front. This game is underlined throughout. Ole Miss, Alabama (-11.5), 3:30 pm The Tide will be missing out on their high national championship goals this season and now they have a very rare status as a spoiler. Miss Ole is fighting for their first SEC West title, and as long as they keep winning, they can still reach it. There are many questions about what happened to Alabama and how things went wrong. The loss here will raise some eyebrows at how close Bama is actually to the crossroads. Matches to watch: Eyes of Alabama vs. Olleh Miss Motion. The Rebels messed up their Eye of Defense training. They use myriad motion presnaps to catch defenders looking at the wrong thing, and the postsnap’s counter-run plan pulls the lineman and features a rampant misdirection. Tide must be ready to be in the right place. Two-loss Alabama may not make it to the Nationals, but Tide could ruin Rebels’ season Rogelio V. Solis/Associated Press Night Washington at Oregon (-13), 7pm Technically this is a rival game, but Oregon is basically It’s like the annual meeting of the Pacific Northwest team that wins every year. Ducks have flown over the Huskies in all competitions since 2004 (except 2006 and 2007). Hoping Oregon remain in the playoff race, they will have to continue rolling explosive attacks to outrun the Huskies. Matchups to watch out for: defense vs. even a crime. This team is basically a mirror image of each other with efficient offense and defense that play a sufficient role. This is a game of finding a defense where you can get a few stops in situations where you need to break the serve and score high. Kansas State at Baylor (-2.5), 7 pmThe Big 12 championship game is far from the set and anyone can guess who will make it there. The loss of two teams in the league, including these two, will bring the nation’s highest parity league down to the front lines. Notable Matchups: Richard Reese and Sqwirl Williams vs. Kansas State Front. Baylor QB Blake Shapen is starting out against a team that debuted last season, but if Williams has to spell Reese as they did last week, the Bears could play an interactive monster run game. UNC at Wake Forest (- 3.5), 7:30pm Expect a lot of score this time. UNC’s defense has been poor at the start of the season, but over the past few weeks they have blocked their opponents. Don’t expect them to suppress Demon Deacons as a unit that can basically score against anyone. This should be fun as Hill definitely has an attack to catch up on. Ball Match: Tar Heels WRs vs. Wake Forest DB. Josh Downs and Antoine Green are perhaps the best receiver tandems in America. Deacons DB is in a big place to face fierce competition. In general, Wake’s defense hasn’t been half bad in the last few weeks since roasting by Clemson. Now the top four TCUs are still competing in the playoffs. Texas’ Ron Jenkins/Associated PressTCU (-7), 7:30pm TCU continues to retreat. They didn’t need an impressive wide receiver Quientin Johnston last week. This was a big deal because they depended on the run game to win. But while these aren’t your typical Texas teams that fold when the first signs of adversity appear, consider that the Frogs have counterattacked from many difficult spots this season. Matchups to watch: Texas defense vs. TCU. The Horn isn’t the soft-up front unit we’ve been hoping for over the years. Salty at many tough points. However, this defense has an x-factor that can really come into play. Longtime TCU coach Gary Patterson is Steve Sarkisian’s assistant. He knows this TCU team and has recruited and coached almost all of them before being fired last season. If you don’t think he’ll give the Texas defense some useful tips, and if you think he’s not feeling a little slack this week, then you don’t know Gary.
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