Raleigh shooting suspect detained after 5 confirmed deaths – follow latest information

(AP Photo) Police opened fire in the North Carolina capital on Thursday outside an armored car in Aldi on Newburn Avenue in the North Carolina capital, killing five people who escaped police. “One of the people killed by the suspect was an off-duty police officer, and the police only described the man as a white boy. The suspect was arrested around 9:37 pm after hiding in the house after avoiding the police for several hours,” the police said. . home, the authorities said. His identity and age were not disclosed. He is believed to be a teenage boy in disguise. Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said gunshots broke out along the Neuse River Greenway in a residential area northeast of downtown around 5pm. Law enforcement swept the area, closed roads and warned residents to stay inside their homes while looking for the shooter. Two people, including another police officer, were also taken to hospital. “Terror has reached our doorstep tonight. The nightmare of every community has come to Raleigh. This is a senseless, horrendous and violent act of violence committed,” Governor Roy Cooper told reporters. Key PointsShow latest update 1665736241 5 people killed, including police officer in North Carolina shooting, 5 killed, including police officer, in North Carolina shooting Stuti Mishra14 October 2022 09:301665733546Everything we know about the suspect in the Raleigh shooting The shooting suspects were arrested around 9:37pm after hours of avoiding police and hiding in their homes, authorities said. The suspect is a white teenage male in disguise and with a long gun, according to earlier reports. However, his identity and age were not disclosed by the authorities. The teenager stayed for several hours before being “contained” at home around 8pm. , the suspect was transported to WakeMed Hospital. There is still no information on his motive or conditions. Stuti Mishra14 October 2022 08:451665730816 How many people were shot in Raleigh? Five people were killed, including an off-duty Raleigh police officer. Two other people were injured and taken to hospital. The shooting occurred around 5pm and the perpetrator was arrested at 9:37pm. One of the injured is a Raleigh Police K-9 officer. He was released Thursday night. The other was in critical condition as of 10:45 p.m., Raleigh Police Department Lieutenant Jason Borneo said, according to local media. Raleigh, NCStuti Mishra14 October 2022 07:221665726616 Full Story: Out-of-duty police officer among five victims killed in shooting, officials say shooting suspect in North Carolina’s capital Raleigh “opened in captivity after being detained” The shooting killed 5. The shooter opened fire along a promenade in Raleigh around 5 pm on Thursday evening, killing 5 and killing 5. Police said they arrived home at around 9:37 pm and were arrested. Off-duty ibe as a white teenage maleStuti Mishra14 October 2022 06:501665724816 The Raleigh massacre is the 25th mass murder in 2022. Two police officers were called on Wednesday night in Connecticut on an emergency call over possible domestic violence. He was shot and killed this week in Greenville, Mississippi, Decatur, Illinois, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and central Florida after what appeared to be an ambush, according to the Associated Press/USA TODAY/Northeastern University Genocide Database. In the 25th genocide, victims were shot and killed. .Mass murder is defined as the death of at least four people, excluding the perpetrators. Stuti Mishra14 October 2022 06:201665723873 Image shows Raleigh’s high police presence The latest image shows the aftermath of the shooting: Police officers (EPA) law enforcement officers working in Hedingham residential area gather outside Aldi’s armored vehicle on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh (AP) An ambulance carrying the shooting suspect was carried out by Raleigh Arriving at the emergency room of Wake Medical Center at AP) Police work in Hedingham residential area (EPA) 5 law enforcement officers at the entrance to the Neuse River Greenway Trail parking lot in Abington Lane. Hundreds of residents in Raleigh were forced to live on orders to stay inside after the shooting suspect hid in an unknown house to avoid police for hours. The suspect is currently in police custody, and Brooke Medina, who lives in a neighborhood bordering Greenway, saw about 20 police cars (marked and unmarked) driving towards a residential area in downtown Raleigh around 5:15 p.m. described the scene. .She saw an ambulance speeding in the other direction towards the nearest hospital. Her husband, who was working from home with her and her four children, started reaching out to neighbors and realized that her stay-at-home order had been issued. Her family is closed. Medina, who works as a vice president of communications for a think tank, said all the blinds are locked and clustered together in an upstairs hallway. Turn on all our lights and lock the doors.” She described the neighborhood known as Hedingham as a densely wooded, tree-lined community full of single-family homes, duplex homes, and townhouses at affordable prices compared to other areas in the Raleigh area. Medina says she often bikes her kids along the greenways during the day, but generally takes a pepper spray with her just in case. As I was sitting on the sofa with my cat around 5 o’clock, I heard three gunshots in a row at a very high speed. The shooter was arrested, she said. In this aerial photo taken by drone, police are working at the scene of a shooting in Raleigh (AP) Stuti Mishra14 October 2022 05:351665719850 Suspect arrested af After being locked up at home, police killed five people, including an off-duty officer. The shooting suspect, who escaped the police for hours, has now been arrested, Raleigh Police said. The suspect was arrested around 9:37 p.m. His identity and age were not disclosed. He is believed to be a disguised teenage boy, and previously there have been reports of a suspected suspect being “detained” in a barn. The canine police officer was injured and was one of at least four people taken to hospital with gunshot wounds. Not immediately known.Phil Thomas14 Oct 2022 04:29
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