Audi and Porsche don’t share technology in F1

Audi announced this morning that it will join F1 by 2026 as an engine manufacturer. The German manufacturer joins an unidentified team and at the same time the Porsche must arrive. However, the two brands of the Volkswagen group are not linked by operation or technology. Audi’s CEO Markus Duesmann confirmed the independence of the two manufacturers when they arrived at F1, while Porsche’s independence has yet to be confirmed. “We competed with Porsche at Le Mans on a completely separate task,” said Duesmann. “And here too, we will be completely separate. We will be based in Germany, and when Porsche comes in we will be operating in the UK and we will be completely separate.” This confirms not only the arrival of Porsche, but also the alliance with Red Bull. Knowing that the German brand’s purpose is to manufacture engines in Milton Keynes on the Red Bull campus, Red Bull-Porsche is a single entity like Ferrari. Logic linked to having “another team” For Audi, the goal is not only to participate in that name, but to bring that identity and fans to Formula 1, and Porsche plans to do the same, as Markus Duesmann confirmed. “There was a big discussion, both brands have a lot of fans, and you can imagine that both brands have their own character. So we decided to keep it completely separate from the two operations.” “We’re going to have different teams and the engine has to be designed specifically for the chassis, so we decided to separate it. We’re going to have a completely different chassis and a completely different engine. I found it easier to work on the two projects separately. The workload is huge and it will be easier for an engine maker to work closely with a team than to create synergies between them. Hoffmann said: It takes time to do it with two vehicles to get the integration done on time.” “So it’s going to be two jobs, and we’ll take care of the integration.” To be competitive ‘Three years’? Duesmann has already set initial targets for Audi’s entry into F1, acknowledging that there are high expectations for the project. It does not speak of a victory that it thinks too ambitious, but rather presents its first goal and its path.” I don’t think winning is realistic. It would be ideal! But we have plans for what we want to do. Ideally we should compete for the first three years. We’re under a lot of pressure.” “Certainly we have to bring their infrastructure to F1 standards. It takes time and it is already in progress. We have a fantastic team of people with experience in motorsport, but we also need to hire people. new person. It takes time. .” “And it won’t be long since everything is brand new. In four years we will be on the grid and racing in F1. It’s not very long. But we are absolutely delighted and delighted. .” “The difference from other categories is that the investment is more important. Therefore, these investments should be planned for the long term. And we plan to invest in the very long term.” Partner selection should allow Audi to work with Sauber, but no confirmation has been provided. According to Duesmann, the brand with the ring is still considering his type of commitment, which is the team chosen. It will also affect the decision of: “It is very likely that the existing car will have an Audi engine. That has to change, but it doesn’t bring in a whole new team. If you start with an existing car, then the starting position for development is much better.” “I had to make a decision about the engine, and it was done. Team decisions are made this year, and depending on the team, participation is up to us. We haven’t decided what will happen yet, but we’ll let you know. As soon as possible.” Similarly, from the driver’s side, “I want a German driver, and I want to do the Grand Prix again in Germany. But I won’t decide on a pilot because the team hasn’t been announced. Now.” Synthetic fuels make the project apt. In a world where electricity is the solution of choice and all cars sold from 2035 must be ‘zero emissions’, the decision may come as a surprise. But Duesmann is on the roads of the world. It is rightly pointed out that there are two billion ten cars, and if they are banned, the world’s fleet will continue to be fueled, and using synthetic fuels will make cars cleaner in the coming decades.” It will be important and will run combustion engines on sustainable synthetic fuels. And synthetic fuels will play an important role in the world. , synthetic fuels are the solution.” “With the decision to switch to synthetic fuels, Formula 1 will greatly push these electronic fuels forward. And F1’s decision to be carbon neutral by 2030 was an important condition for us.”
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