5th place Clemson reversed the halftime deficit, 14th place Syracuse 27-21 wiped out

Clemson found a way to do this. In the ACC’s undefeated fight, the 5th-placed Tigers found themselves behind 14th-placed Syracuse 21-10 at half-time. Nothing happened to Clemson. The offense continued to make mistakes and the defense allowed two long Syracuse touchdown drives, but things changed in the second half. Clemson beat Orange in the final second quarter and rushed again to win 27-21. The win improved Clemson to 8-0 that year and secured a spot in the College Football Playoff hunt, taking solo first place in the ACC Atlantic. The Tigers recorded two fourth quarter touchdowns that turned a 21-10 deficit into a 24-21 advantage. It was enough for the Clemson defense to close the door. Clemson’s defense got Syracuse out of the scoring in the second half, and the Tigers were able to escape with a victory despite an effort filled with offense errors. On October 22, 2022, they defeated Syracuse in Clemson, South Carolina. The defense forced a turnover for Syracuse, and the attacking team marched just down the field to take a 7-0 lead, but was intercepted and stuttered by quarterback DJ Uiagalelei in the next two Clemson possessions. Antennae moved into Syracuse’s 10-yard line and returned to 90 yards for a touchdown, giving Orange a 14-7 lead. In the ensuing possession, Clemson felt the ball could penetrate the heart of Syracuse’s defense. Instead, the Tigers shot four and sprinted from Orange’s 33-yard line. Syracuse then responded with a 68-yard touchdown drive, extending the lead to 21-7. Clemson scored a field goal before halftime, making it 21-10, but the Tigers looked like they were in serious trouble. DJ Uiagalelei continued Clemson’s slump to open the third quarter on the bench after a blundering game. Clemson’s first three possessions in the third quarter went with punts, fumbles and interceptions. However, Syracuse failed to capitalize on this mistake by punting the ball back to Clemson quickly all three times. . He replaced Uiagalelei with freshman Cade Klubnik, who was able to design a long touchdown drive. The drive, however, was greatly helped by Syracuse defense’s 15-yard penalty, which included a late hit and 25 when Clemson was forced to punt. Scored by Phil Mafah’s fourth goal, making it 21-16 at 13:46. After that long 15-game drive, Syracuse’s offense had had to do something to give the weary defense a break, but without any success. Orange hit a quick three from the drive and Syracuse quarterback Garrett Shrader failed to deal with a potential late hit out of bounds. – Yard touchdown execution Shipley’s touchdown followed by a two-point conversion gave Clemson a 24-21 lead. The Tigers later added a field goal, making it 1:33 and 27-21. Swinney: The DJ is our quarterback. Despite Uiagalelei’s uneven performance, Clemson’s manager Dabo Swinney told ABC’s Molly McGrath in a post-match interview that Uiagalelei would remain the Tigers’ starter going forward. “The DJ is our quarterback, no doubt.” Sweeney said. “That’s our player. That’s our leader. We can use it right now.” Uiagalelei completed the 13/21 pass over 138 yards with two interceptions. He was also fumbling near the goal line going the other way for the Syracuse touchdown. Once he got into the game, Klubnik wasn’t asked for much. The five-star freshman threw four of two over 19 yards. He also dashed 15 yards and nicely completed Clemson’s successful two-point conversion. He was one of the worst starting pitchers in the ACC of 2021 and many thought it was only a matter of time before Klubnik replaced him from the lineup, but it finally happened on Saturday. However, in Swinney’s opinion, the changes are unlikely to persist. The Tigers will enter a buy week before returning to the field on November 5th and November 5th. Notre Dame in South Bend.
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