Happy 90th birthday to former Porsche race director and engineer Peter Falk.

Under his leadership, the sports car manufacturer achieved the greatest success in motorsport. Peter Falk prefers to be behind the team rather than in the spotlight. The former race director and engineer with over 30 years of experience at Porsche AG celebrates his 90th birthday. In his own words: “I always said I don’t count at all, but our team should be good. And this is the most important. On November 27, 2022, he turns 90. “I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Peter Falk and thank him for his tireless work for the Porsche brand. He played a leading role in the development of legendary sports cars such as the Porsche 917. Our jubilee as race directors also contributed to the great success of the Porsche 956/962 in the C group, which turned 40. said Michael Steiner, Executive Director of Research and Development at Porsche AG. Peter Falk was born on November 27, 1932 in Athens, the son of an archaeologist. After an apprenticeship as an auto mechanic, he studied mechanical engineering, specializing in automotive technology. “Since childhood, I have been interested in all forms of movement on the planet, from tricycles to bicycles to automobiles. So it’s not surprising that in my career I have been passionate about the technology used in these vehicles. As Fork explains. When he was only 18, he placed third in a precision motorcycling competition in the North Black Forest. Six years later, he sat alongside Porsche driver Alfred Kling in his first rally. Kling introduced Falk to motorsports by putting his studio next door to him. Together, they achieved victory in their category. It was followed by the 1957 Rally Geneva and International Rally Germany, and finished sixth in the Liege-Brescia-Liege road race. In 1959 he joined Porsche as an engineer, one of ten employees in the road testing department. In 1964 he started working in pre-series and racing support, where he put 911s on the track and more. At the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally, he co-piloted the Herbert Linge of the 911 2.0. “I spoke to a thick plastic tube that went right into Herbert’s helmet. This talking tube worked perfectly. Fork, who developed the forerunner of today’s intercom system, recalls: Even in the first race against the 911, Porsche used motorsport to develop a road car for production. The duo finished the rally in 5th overall. In the years that followed, many Porsche cars from the 906 to the 917 were built under the auspices of Peter Falk, head of the pre-series and racing department, which brought the sports car manufacturer to fame. The premier class of international motorsports. From 1973 to 1981 he was responsible for testing the 911, 924 and 928 series development, while Fork was responsible for bodywork, gearbox, road testing and endurance racing applications. As head of racing car development and race director in the 1980s, Peter Falk is considered an outstanding theorist and practitioner who led many Porsche cars to unforgettable successive victories. Responsible for the era of success enjoyed by the 956 and 962 Group C cars, for example, the racing car project is one of the most successful projects in the company’s history, with seven overall wins at Le Mans and 11 world championship titles. The sports car manufacturer has achieved the greatest success in motorsport under Falk’s leadership. Two overall wins at the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1984 and 1986 were another highlight of his career. “I have always been a rally fan. He was someone who couldn’t just drive on a nice runway. It has always been important for the car to perform well on the road. said Polk, a professed off-road fan. Polk, along with his team and engineer Roland Kussmaul, developed the 911 Carrera 3.2 4×4 for the Paris-Dakar Rally in less than a year. Because this was the first time a sports car has won the world’s toughest long-distance race. Since 1989, Falk has been responsible for chassis development and oversaw the pre-development and development of the Boxster and the 993 and 996 generation 911s and his attention. I couldn’t have imagined someone would arrange such an extreme detail. He carried a computer and basically every 100 meters he said I was running 500 km, either a little too fast or too slow. I wish him such a carefree temperament as good health. He is one of those who became a Porsche legend. Recalls double world rally champion Walter Röhrl. Racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck, who joined the Porsche work team in 1985, also praised his precious road companion. Without him, my life in motorsport would have been very different. He is one of the best race directors I have had the honor of working with. I just wish him all the best. Former Porsche racing engineer Norbert Singer was hired by Peter Falk in 1970. Falk has been his direct supervisor for many years and has maintained a very good relationship to this day. “He gave us choice when developing the 956/962, made us realize our ideas and always trusted us. He took full responsibility for everything we did. It was only later that I realized how special it was. I wish him all the best for his health and enjoy his life longer. Polk retired in 1993, but since then he has maintained a close relationship with the company. For many years he attended the Porsche Museum as a contemporary witness and interviewee. He also took part in organizing occasional vintage car rallies. photo: Porsche
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