Abrams and Kemp hold heated debate in Georgia over abortion, guns, and crime

Atlanta – Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams clashed Monday night over guns, crime, abortion and electoral law. Kemp leads Abrams on average by 5-6% in a recent poll, with only three weeks left until her election day. But we also know that surveys are snapshots. Question: Who are they taking pictures of?” Abrams said early in the debate when she asked why polls suggest Kemp is more popular, despite voters supporting her stance on expanding abortion and Medicaid. “I don’t believe I’m behind,” she said. I think I am defending Georgia.” Kemp, who signed a ban on abortion after six weeks, declared early in the debate that he would “not pursue” further restrictions on abortion or targeted contraception if he did it again. election. Elected Democratic contender Stacey Abrams shakes hands with the Republican governor of Georgia. Liberal contender Shane Hazel (Brian Kemp) stands right after the Loudermilk-Young debate series at the Atlanta Press Club in Atlanta on Monday. The Ben Gray/APMonday showdown was the first of two scheduled discussions between Kemp and Abrams, which took place earlier on the same day. Voting kicked off in Georgia, a battlefield locked in a fierce rematch of the 2018 race. They took the stage with Liberal candidate Shane Hazel. Abrams has pledged to accept the results of the 2022 elections, win or lose. “I will always acknowledge the results of the elections, but I will not deny access to all votes. It is the responsibility of every American to defend the right to vote,” Abrams said. Kemp accused him of trying to limit Georgians’ voting rights. Kemp defended his own actions on access to voting rights in Georgia. “miss. Abrams will lie about my records because he doesn’t want to talk about them,” Abrams said. Abrams told law enforcement when Kemp asked her how many sheriffs supported her campaign. “We need safety and justice,” she said, a luxury that cuts her platform to the slogan. Kemp is re-joined. She added, among other policies, waiting periods and universal background checks. “Across the state, there is a governor who has flooded streets with firearms by weakening gun laws and giving dangerous people access to weapons.” Plans to expand coverage to Georgians Kemp rejected Medicaid expansion, calling it a “broken government program,” while Abrams argued that it needed: Kemp linked with President Joe Biden, who blamed Abrams for inflation “Stacey Abrams campaigned to become Joe Biden’s running mate. She supports these policies,” Abrams said in her aggressive effort to use Georgia’s surplus budget to raise teacher salaries and fund preschool. She also insisted that even a Republican-led legislature would not hinder her progressive ideas if she were elected: “Georgia gets a solution from her days as minority leader in the State House of Representatives.” Speaking, Kemp has made his point for a second term, and I’m asking for a support vote to keep it that way,” Abrams closed with criticism. “Brian Kemp made a promise. He promised to keep us safe, but crime increased. He promised to protect us, but we were attacked. He promised to take care of his family, but he refused to solve the affordable housing crisis. Georgia’s inflation is rising because they refused to expand Medicaid.” Sahil Kapur is a senior national political correspondent for NBC News. .
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