University of Idaho tensed over murderer who stabbed four students to death – livestream

Four Idaho students were found dead. Sign up for our free US News bulletins delivered straight to your inbox every weekday morning. Sign up for our free morning US email news bulletin. The brutal “target” attack is still ongoing three days after the massacre. The bodies of University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were found at a hospital. An off-campus house in Moscow, Idaho, around noon on a Sunday. Just a few hours ago, one of the group shared a smiling photo of four friends on their Instagram page. The victims died from stab wounds with “bladed weapons, such as knives” that have not yet been recovered, police said Tuesday. Their deaths were ruled murder, but no arrests were made and no suspects or suspects were named. Recap Show Latest Update 1668592827Wednesday More on the expected mysterious deathMore about the mysterious death that shook the small town of Moscow, Indiana Moscow The National Police Agency said in a statement late Tuesday night that it “hopes to have more information available tomorrow.” On Tuesday, police finally released the cause of death of four students, saying they were each stabbed to death. We’ve made it public if we have a suspect in mind. Rachel Sharp16 November 2022 10:001668591927 Local police try to reassure the community involved. Four students were murdered in fours on Sunday. After Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were found manslaughter on October 11, 2018, many students fled the city. off-campus home. Police said the attack was “targeted” and posed no active threat to the community, although no suspects were detained. In a statement on Tuesday, police insisted that the public was not in danger, while urging people to be “vigilant.” “We want to address community concerns about public safety. We hear you and understand your fears,” the statement read. Early in our investigation, we determined that we did not believe there was a persistent threat to community members. Evidence indicates that this was a targeted attack. “At this point, we have shared all the information we can without compromising the ongoing investigation.” of our community. We want answers and we are eager to see this case resolved thoroughly and quickly and bring justice to Ethan, Madison, Xana, Kaylee and their families. We have an obligation to do all we can to do well for them, their families, and this community. We are leveraging many other resources within law enforcement to expedite this case. As soon as we have more information to share with our community, state and country, we will. Until this incident is fully resolved, we ask the community to remain vigilant and vigilant, report suspicious activity and help us be the eyes and ears of the community. . A few hours later they were killed. What happened? Two days after four students were found dead in their off-campus home, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named. So why do authorities claim there is no danger to the community? Bevan HurleyNovember 16, 2022 Day 09:301668587400Family of Idaho The sister of stabbed victim Xana Kernodle at the University of Idaho told ABC News that the family “anxiously awaits updates on the investigation.” “She was so light-hearted and always lifted the room,” Jazmine told ABC News. “She made me a proud big sister and I hope to spend more time with her.” Jazmine told The York Times Monday. Ethan Chapin (left) and Xana Kernodle said she and her family were confused about what happened and hoped to get more information from law enforcement by Tuesday (Xana Kernodle/Instagram)Bevan Sunday (Xana Kernodle/Instagram) HurleyNovember 16, 2022 08:301668583800Idaho stabbed victim’s mother refutes ‘crime of passion’ speculation Moscow Mayor Art Bettge told the New York Times in an interview Monday that the quadruple murder appears to be a “crime of passion.” Ms Chapin told the Statesman: “Our children. It wasn’t drugs and obviously it wasn’t anything passionate between these kids. Someone got into the house.” No disclosures or arrests were made.Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, Kaylee Goncalves, 21 Bevan Hurley16 November 2022 07:301668580200Police said the ‘knife-like edged weapon’ used in the quadruple murder was found in Aida Sunday Police in Moscow released real information for the first time since the deaths of four Ho University students: Ethan Chapin, 20, Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, are at home off-campus Police described the murder as an “isolated targeted attack” and said there was “no imminent threat to the community at large.”An autopsy was performed later this week. to It is scheduled. , Moscow p Murdered University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin and Xana Kernodle (GoFundme) Bevan Hurley Nov 16, 2022 06:301668578261, just hours after one of them posted a photo of them smiling on Instagram. Idaho students found a one-off dead target.” Moscow police also said Monday night that no suspects have been arrested as of Monday night, but that they do not believe there is “an ongoing community danger” based on preliminary investigations. “My sincere condolences. Everyone affected by this case please get out,” the police department said. Bevan Hurley Nov 16 2022 05:301668573027 No one knows who did it, but no threats? Students and their families at the University of Idaho panicked after hearing little from law enforcement about the gruesome quadruple murder in Moscow on Sunday. Annie Reno, who says she is the mother of a first-year-old, wrote a lengthy Twitter post outlining her community’s fears. In a way, I can understand how little information students, parents, and community members have about the murder of four students in an off-campus apartment two days ago,” she wrote. Yes, you should let your family know, obvs. But 24 hours is a long time. It took nearly 48 hours to find out how they died. ‘It’s a murder case.’ This is a small town. Murders are rare and four students at once? WTH. “Shelter was ordered after the body was found and lifted an hour later as the PD did not believe there was a continuing threat. However, there are no suspects. I don’t doubt it. Four students were stabbed to death, no one knows who did it, but no threats? What? “Police believe it was an isolated and targeted attack. Okay, but crazy/angry/drunk/enough to stab 4 people to death, no matter who is targeted, somewhere. I’m not normally paranoid, but don’t I sit well?” Bevan HurleyNov 16, 2022 04:301668570089 The mayor calls murder a ‘crime of passion’ “a crime of passion.” Art Bettge said authorities were still investigating. That it happened, but that the incident is being treated as a murder. He added that “the overall rating is crime in passion”. “A crime of this magnitude is very difficult to solve,” Bettge said. He said the police would have to piece together a mystery, but Stacey Chapin, mother of University of Idaho murder victim Ethan Chapin, refuted the claim that it was a “crime of passion”. Ms Chapin told the Statesman: “I don’t want people to speculate about our children. It wasn’t drugs and it certainly wasn’t a passion between these kids. Someone entered the house.”Maroosha Muzaffar16 November 2022 03:41
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