Ticketmaster apologizes to Taylor Swift and her fans for failed sales

Ticketmaster has officially apologized to Taylor Swift and her fans this week for the ticketing situation that has left millions frustrated and outraged. The company’s apology came in a statement released Friday night. It was about half a day after Swift expressed her anger over her failure in an outspoken post. A problem making headlines at Ticketmaster’s feet. In a statement late on Friday, the company wrote: First of all, we would like to apologize to Taylor and all her fans, especially those who had a terrible experience buying tickets.” Most of the lengthy statement linked to a tweet sent by Ticketmaster on Friday around 11pm was the same one the company posted and then removed on Thursday, but now tagged with a new apology in the first place. The previous day’s version of the revised ‘explanation’ did not contain any apology, which angered many fans before being removed from the Ticketmaster website. Even now, the statement focuses on the statistic that ticket demand was unpredictable, touting the on-sale as mostly a success story and a record-breaking one, noting that although there were problems, “two million tickets were sold.” Ticketmaster … November 15th – Artist’s best-selling single-day tickets.” It was inevitable that Ticketmaster had to amend her previous defensive stance to include her apology after Swift expressed her dissatisfaction with her company on Friday morning. “I’ve brought many elements of my career in-house,” Swift wrote on her Instagram story. I’ve done this to improve the quality of my fan experience, especially with a team that cares about my fans as much as I do. It’s really hard to trust an outside entity you have and it’s painful to watch mistakes happen when you have no recourse.” Swift did not name Ticketmaster in the statement, but no doubt she was referring to “them.” I’m trying to figure it out,” she wrote. “I won’t make excuses for anyone because we’ve asked them several times if we can handle this kind of request and we’ve been pretty sure they can. 2.4 million tickets It’s really amazing that we got a ticket, but it really upsets me that so many people feel they’ve been attacked by bears multiple times just to get their tickets.” In a revised statement issued Friday night, Ticketmaster was still very much emphasizing the positives, claiming that its Verified Fan program, which adds the extra step of queuing for tickets, has been particularly successful in preventing tickets from going to scalpers. “Less than 5% of tour tickets are sold on the secondary market or posted for resale,” the company notes. “On-sales that don’t use verified fans typically have 20-30% of inventory on the secondary market.” Ticketmaster’s statement titled “Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Onsale Explained” can be read in full here. (An earlier version without apology to Swift can still be seen here in the Music Business Worldwide story. ), repeating previous language, Ticketmaster suggested that their ticket rollout wasn’t “perfect” and without going too far about the fault: “The biggest venues and artists turn to us because we have the best ticketing technology in the world. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, obviously, that wasn’t the case with sales of Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’, but we’re always working to improve the ticket-buying experience, especially for on-sales that are in high demand, we’re constantly testing new limits and We are committed to strengthening our skills to new standards set by the demand for Taylor Swift ‘The Eras’ Tour. Once we have completed this course, updates will be shared accordingly if there are any next steps.” The company announced earlier this week that general public sales for Swift’s tour will be completely canceled, as there are too few leftover stock after Verified Fan and Capital One cardholder pre-sales have exhausted most of the 52 US tickets. The singer is due out next summer. Ticketmaster also claimed that it would be impossible to meet the demand for Swift tickets: “Based on the amount of traffic on our site, Taylor has over 900 stadium shows (nearly all of the shows she does).” 20 times),” the company wrote in a statement. “It will be a stadium show every night for the next 2.5 years.” It didn’t say exactly what kind of site traffic it measured to arrive at the conclusion that it should be sold out. Friday night was an unusually busy day for both Ticketmaster and Live Nation on the promotional front. Despite the fact that the two companies involved (Ticketmaster parent company Live Nation) issued statements defending themselves almost simultaneously amid heated controversy that reached boiling point this week. Shares of Live Nation closed at $66.21 after falling nearly 8% in Friday’s trading in response to reports that it is investigating antitrust issues with Ticketmaster, Live Nation said in a separate statement defending Ticketmaster’s policies and practices, holding the company’s enormous control. wrote that there is nothing bad about the quality of the Ticketmaster system and the next best basic ticketing system. Nevertheless, the market is increasingly competitive, and competitors have aggressive offers to the arena. Ticketmaster continues to be the leader in this environment. is half It is a testament to the platform and the people who run it, not to competitive business practices. … We innovate and invest in our technology more than any other ticketing company, and we will continue to do so.” Complaints have been made about Ticketmaster’s aggressive move to host resale tickets on its own site, but Live Nation wrote: No serious claim can be made that Ticketmaster has any sort of market position in the secondary ticketing arena supporting antitrust claims.” Live Nation expressed surprising agreement with an idea often brought up by angry fans. This means that the many additional fees tagged with each ticket sale must be combined into a single consumer-visible price. “We strongly support all-in pricing so fans are not surprised by actual ticket prices,” Live Nation said in a statement. It remains to be seen if Live Nation stock will be bullish next week or continue to be subject to a “bearish attack” as Taylor Swift put it.
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