Some 2020 Election Crooks Say They’ll Win the Secretary of State Primary, CNN Project

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman addresses supporters at an election night party in Pittsburgh on Tuesday. (Justin Merriman/Bloomberg/Getty Images) The fight for control of both the House and Senate is dwindling in the number of major primaries. Republicans, who secured a minority majority, started the night off with a defeat in Florida. Ron DeSantis won in a historically Democrat Latino-dominated area for an overwhelming victory that could serve as a springboard for his run for president in 2024, but Democrats counterattacked in the hours that followed. In Pennsylvania, Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman defeated Republican Mehmet Oz for the Republican Senate seat. Pat Toomey. Meanwhile, the battle for the Republican-loving House of Representatives majority is still volatile, as it expects to benefit from high inflation, historical trends and a friendly new constituency line after the 2021 redistricting. Here are some key points as the votes continue to be counted. In the main primaries: Democrats go a long way to protect the Senate majority. Republicans are not shy about the importance of the Pennsylvania Senate primary. “This is a contest that must be won. We believe that winning in Pennsylvania will give you the majority.” Republican Senate Super PAC President Steven Law said: Early on Wednesday morning, CNN predicted Fetterman would become Pennsylvania’s next senator, beating Oz in America’s most expensive and most contested Senate campaign. Fetterman’s victory was thunderous for the Democrats. Republicans can still win the House, but if the 2022 elections turn red, it will most likely come from an as yet unrealized suburban victory. CNN expected Brandon Ogles to win in the neighborhoods around Nashville, Tom Kean Jr. in the New Jersey suburbs and Rich McCormick in the neighborhoods that included the northern suburbs of Atlanta. We’ve talked a lot about the scale of the GOP wave. Virginia’s split decision provides an early signal: Virginia’s three Democrat-controlled House primaries were widely regarded as early warning signs of the night’s outcome. Democrats won seats in the two Virginia districts Biden won in 2020. CNN predicted Democrat Jennifer Wexton would win her re-election bid in Virginia’s 10th district. In a more competitive competition, CNN has Rep. Abigail Spanberger also won her re-election in Virginia’s 7th District. But the Democrats lost in southeast Virginia and CNN predicted a Republican senator. Jen Kiggans beat Democrats. Elaine Luria. Another Jan. 6 members lost: 1 January, House Selector Luria under investigation. CNN predicted the loss of a Virginia Beach-based congressman in an attack on the Capitol on Wednesday. She defeated a former Republican congressman. Scott Taylor re-districted in 2018 and 2020. However, the area gave Republicans a slightly more favorable ground for redistricting: Biden would have kept the previous version on five points and lost the new district by two points. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis addresses supporters at an election night party in Tampa, Tuesday, November 8. (Marco Bello/Reuters) DeSantis and 2024: Gov. Ron DeSantis led the overwhelming Republican vote in Florida. A night of strong debate if Charlie Crist wants the GOP’s 2024 nomination for president. DeSantis and Sen, nearly 20 percentage points ahead with expected 92% of the vote. Up 17 points, Marco Rubio was enough to question Florida’s status as the national velweather. If it continues, reshape the political landscape of multiple swing states. The strongest early signs that the GOP continued to benefit came from the Cuban populous county of Miami-Dade. However, it will take time to fully gauge whether these GOP increases are occurring outside of Florida. Gretchen Whitmer, who campaigned for her re-election in her successful effort to stop the state’s 1931 law that bans abortion in almost all cases, defeated Republican contender Tudor Dixon, who launched a campaign focused on the culture war. Michigan voters also approved a state constitutional amendment that repealed the 1931 Act supported by Whitmer and guaranteed the right to abortion. Voters in California and Vermont have also lit green lights on constitutional amendments that respect the right to abortion. First Night: Candidates from both parties are celebrating a landmark victory in red states and blue above and below the ballot. Read about some of them here.
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