Ukrainian forces advance into Kyiv Kherson, cut off power

Nationwide restrictions will be limited to one day for the time being New damage to critical infrastructure, says Zelenskiy Battle of southern city Kersson is imminentOctober 20 (Reuters) – On Thursday as the government issued a nationwide force curtailment order A snare is tightened around the Russian forces occupying the southern city of Kherson. In Kherson, the only regional capital occupied by Russian forces since the Russian invasion eight months before use due to Russian missile and drone attacks on the power plant, the Russian-appointed administration evacuated the city that controls the only land route in Crimea. started A peninsula occupied by Russia in 2014 and the entrance to the Dnipro River in Kherson on Wednesday, Kirill Stremusov, deputy head of the Russian-backed administration, told Telegram that Ukraine is attacking Novaya Kamianka and Berislav in Kherson. He wrote on Telegram that he started. Region. Register now and register for free unrestricted access to 43 Russian soldiers have been killed and six tanks and other equipment destroyed while Ukraine is silent, Reuters reported. Reuters could not confirm battlefield reports. Russian state television described the evacuation as an attempt to evacuate civilians before becoming a combat zone. About 50,000 to 60,000 people will be displaced over the next six days, said Kherson’s Director Vladimir Saldo. , Ukraine calculated the cost of long-range attacks from Russia deep into Russian territory, maintaining a position at the forefront while maintaining Russian control of the city and the resources to counterattack if necessary. On Thursday, the government imposed restrictions on electricity supply. A bombing of a power plant just before winter cuts electricity nationwide for the first time since Russia invaded. “Construction will take place between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., and temporary power outages may occur if people do not minimize their use of electricity,” the presidential aide said. I will ask,” Ukrenergo said. Russia has recently stepped up missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s power and water infrastructure. “There is new damage to critical infrastructure .. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in a video address on Wednesday night, “Today, three energy facilities were destroyed by the enemy. We believe that Russian terrorism is 100% with the help of partners. “I assume we’re going to target the energy facility until we can shoot it down.” Leaders from member countries will discuss more options Aid to Ukraine, including energy equipment, long-term funding support for power supply restoration and reconstruction has been completed. -136 accuses them of using “kamikaze drones”. Iran refuses to supply them and the Kremlin refuses to use them. The Unite Ned Price, a spokesperson for the US State Department, told a UN Security Council meeting that the US, UK and France were They said they raised concerns about moving drones to Russia, when UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and his staff member Guterres send experts to Ukraine to inspect downed drones that Ukraine and the West claim were made in Iran. Extends deal on July 22, leading to resumption of export of grain and fertilizer to Ukraine’s Black Sea.The agreement could expire next month. Meanwhile, the US accuses it of procuring military and dual-use technology from US manufacturers for Russian users. New sanctions on Russia targeting a network Eastern Front In eastern Ukraine bordering Russia, the Moscow Army Ukrainian forces focused on the towns of Bakhmut and Abdivka, which Bakhmut puts on a slow Russian advance through the Donetsk region. The Ukrainian army said its troops had tanks and artillery firearms in at least 10 cities in the region, including Bakhmut, Soledar and Vilohorivka. The Ukrainian military has been trained to do the same. Zelenskiy said Ukrainians in the occupied territories should try to leave, warning them of any attempts by Russia to recruit them into the army. Pick up your arms and come to a location in Ukraine,” he said. Register now and get unlimited access to Registration Reports from the Reuters Bureau; by Grant McCool, Lincoln Feast and Simon Cameron-Moore; Rosalba O’ Edited by Brien and Stephen CoatesOur Standard: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principle.
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