Shocking new video, evidence that Trump knew he was lost: recent January 6 hearings

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other congressional leaders have taken action to regain control of the massive complex while President Donald Trump refuses to block crowds of supporters attacking the Capitol. I called the secretary. It asked the Ministry of National Defense and the acting Minister of Justice for help. They asked the Democratic governors of neighboring Virginia and Maryland to send the National Guard and other police forces. And they phoned Vice President Mike Pence to find out how to go back to the Capitol that same night and certify Joe Biden’s election victory. … they said someone was shot. Not only is it terrible, it is all at the instigation of the President of the United States. Ralph Northam in a video clip played in January. In another video clip, Schumer said, “I’ll call the DOD’s secretary. The shocking footage was one of the committee’s highlights on Thursday. 6 Committees before the midterm elections – the case unfolds and a panel to subpoena the former president for documents and testimony This unanimous vote detailed Trump’s thinking. Here are some of the key takeaways: Congressional leaders bustle to safety. Behind-the-scenes footage of the frenzy, including Pelosi’s daughter, the documentary filmmaker (photographed by Alexandra Pelosi) provided some of the most intense and powerful images ever produced during January 1. Nine committee hearings this year in 6. Unseen footage includes Pelosi, Schumer, then Senate Majority Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. , showed in real time Congressional leaders of both parties, including Senate GOP Whip John Thune and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise — They quickly evacuated to a safe location during the siege and vehemently called for reinforcements. At the Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer, and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer January 6, 2021. Alex Wong/Getty Images File “Yeah, won’t you let the president tell you to leave the Capitol, Justice? Minister?” Furious Schumer tells Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen in one of the clips: “On your law enforcement responsibilities. They made a public statement saying they should all leave.” In another scene, Pelosi tells other leaders in the room to clean up “in the Capitol … literally and figuratively” after reports of mobs defecating in the building. . The speaker then told Pence that it could take “a few days” to retake the Capitol, but the Vice President later called back and told the leaders that he could come back in an hour and resume counting and certification. During the call, Chairman Pelosi said, “Vice President, thank you very much.” “Good news.” Trump knew personally that he had lost and publicly claimed that he was being robbed of an election he had won. Trump told the committee he was personally acknowledging that he had lost. Alyssa Farah Griffin, then head of strategic communications at the White House, said in an interview on Jan. In Panel 6, she stopped by the Oval Office “a week after the election” to check on President Trump. He watched TV and he said. .Another form of White House adviser Cassidy Hutchinson made a similar comment. The president told Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, “’I don’t want people to know we lost, Mark. this is embarrassing Find out,’ recalled Hutchinson. “’I don’t want people to know that we lost,’” Hutchinson further remembered Meadows telling her. “No Cass, he knows it’s over. He knows he lost. But we will keep trying. There are still some good options.” Evidence was presented to support the claims made by the Commission. In other words, Trump acted maliciously to maintain power and instigated his followers by deliberately deceiving them with false claims about the election. What became a violent mob in the Houses of Parliament in January. 6. Cheney said, “The claim that President Trump actually thought the election was stolen is not backed up by facts, nor is it a defense.” “There is no excuse for Donald Trump to be deceived or irrational.” representative. Liz Cheney (centre) presented Drew Angerer/Getty Images specific violence threats a few days before Jan. At the time of the attack on the 6th, the Secret Service was informed of specific threats of violence at the National Assembly. The committee said it had heard of Trump’s threats and plans to overturn the election somehow. On December 26, 2020, someone with the Secret Service warned that the Proud Boys, an extremist group linked to white nationalism, would march into Washington DC and violently crack down on Capitol Police. “Their plan is to literally kill people. . Please take this report seriously and investigate further.” Then, the day before the riot, the FBI briefed the Secret Service that the right-wing group was forming an armed “QRF” or rapid response force. Groups like the Oath Keepers were “waiting ready if POTUS calls for support” on January 1st. 6 hid weapons in Virginia for more violence that night. These threats were found in some of the more than 1 million electronic communications handed over by the Secret Service on January 1. 6 The Commission responded to the subpoena. “The president knew that the crowds were angry because they incited their anger. He knew that he believed the elections were rigged and stolen because he lied that the elections were rigged and stolen.” Adam Schiff, D-California “And when he incited the angry crowd to march to the Capitol, he knew they were armed and dangerous.” Better prevent a peaceful transfer of power.” The ‘Additional Legislative Recommendations’ committee is whether Congress will act on their findings and tighten laws to prevent future candidates from stealing elections. Committee Vice Chairman Liz Cheney (Liz Cheney) said the panel will announce more proposals.” One of the committee’s responsibilities is to propose reforms to ensure that January 6 never happens again. We’ve already proposed a bill to amend the electoral tactics with no plans to overturn the election, and the House of Representatives passed it. “And we’ll make more specific recommendations in our final report, based in part on the evidence we’ll be hearing today,” Cheney said. o Make elections difficult to overturn. A similar bill is headed for a Senate vote in the lame duck session, and has enough Republican support to break the filibuster if Democrats support it.
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