Six mobs sentenced to seven years and six months in prison for bringing DC officers into riots in January

Comments on this story The mob fought fiercely with the police on January 1st in the Lower West Terrace Tunnel of the Capitol. On June 6, 2021, one of the mobs told DC police officer Michael Pannon, “Hey, I’ll try to help you out here, can you hear me?” next. Albuquerque C. Head, a recovering drug addict and father of two in Kingsport, Tennessee, put an arm around Panon’s neck and dragged him into the crowd just outside the tunnel. I got one!” Fanone’s body camera is shown as a mob comes down and beats and kicks Fanone, snatches his tasers and continues to shock them. The officer suffered a heart attack and traumatic brain damage. “This was the most dismal act of our country’s darkest day,” said U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who saw a video shot by Fanone’s camera. She then sentenced Head to seven and a half years in prison for assaulting a police officer, up to a maximum of eight years. The second sentence was sentenced on January 1 last year. 6 Mob, the longest among those who pleaded guilty. Jackson also ordered Head to reimburse local police for medical expenses he may have paid for Fanon. NYPD veteran sentenced to 10 years in prison for assaulting police last month 6 sentences yet: 10 years Head, 43, one of very few. Six defendants declined an offer to speak at the judge’s sentencing. Most of the defendants have repented or even apologized. He looked straight ahead and shook his head vigorously. As he was pulled out of the courtroom, he turned to his weeping fiance and grinned. He has been in jail since his arrest in April 2021, one of around January 80th. The six accused investigators detained before trial or sentencing used multiple videos from reporters, the crowd, police body cameras and surveillance cameras to record Head’s movements through the crowd outside the Capitol that day, and to record what the FBI said after Head was arrested. revealed. The video shows him pushing through the Lower West Terrace tunnel. On the way, someone hands him a gas mask, and he snatches a police shield. When the police snatched it up again, he beckoned for another person in the crowd behind him, and another shield appeared in the video. Head can see officers fighting through a glass door beyond the tunnel, where one officer is briefly trampled and facing each other. With Fanone. The police eventually start pushing the mob out of the tunnel, at which point Head convinces Panon to help him and then drags him out of the tunnel. Fanone told the judge: After Fanone was beaten several times and received a direct blow to his neck, some mobs surrounded him and called for help. However, the video shows the head attempting to return to the group to resume attacks on Fanone. The officer was rescued, but he retired from the police station due to his injuries. ‘We Must Hold This Door’: How Beaten DC Police Fighting Capitol Mob “I think a lot of people will see my candor and the attention I get do. ‘” Panon said, referring to interviews and testimony he gave about January. 6, “The measure of my success. Not like that. I will devote all my attention to return to my career. Albuquerque Head is the cause of the pain I’ve been through in the last 18 months.” He asked Jackson to serve a term of up to eight years, similar to a federal prosecutor. Prosecutors said Head agreed to dismiss a charge of up to 20 years for obstructing official proceedings in exchange for Head pleading guilty to assault charges. Court Records Head said he had been a construction worker with 45 counts in Tennessee since the age of 18. Most were convicted of misdemeanors and some of assault. Jackson said Head was addicted to various drugs until he stopped drinking in 2015. His attorney, G. Nicholas Wallace, apologized on January 1 to Panon and all officers present. 6, and that Head’s actions are “responsible and should be dealt with appropriately.” He demanded a five-year sentence, and Wallace argued in a sentencing memo that Head was not responsible for what happened after Panon entered the crowd. “When he exposed him to the mercy of the crowd? Forced down those stairs changed the life of Police Officer Fanone forever.” The judge caught Fanone’s body camera of a mob joining the fight, looked down at Fanone and said, “Oh my God, I’m getting out of here.” But the head did not leave.” “This case falls into the category of the most serious offenders,” Jackson said. “This is one of the most serious cases.” Fanone’s body camera captured another lying on the floor after being dragged out of the crowd and unconscious. He was soon revived and his first words were, “Shall we take the door back?” “We did.” his partner said. “We were f–ing.”
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