Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific First Supports Yifei Ye in Hypercar

It was part of the Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific Night of Champions that Yifei Ye drove a Porsche 963 at WEC next season and was officially named Hertz Team Jota driver. The 22-year-old Chinese driver was awarded a bucket seat in the Premier category after shining on LMP2. In the evening, a Hypercar 963 prototype was also on display. After winning the Asian Le Mans Series and European Le Mans Series in 2021, Yifei Ye continued LMP2 on the European stage with COOL Racing this year. We saw him at Herberth Motorsport’s Porsche 911 GT3 at the Asian Le Mans Championship last February. “About a year ago I was announced as a ‘Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific Selected’ driver, and now I’m joining Hertz Team Jota driving a Porsche 963,” said Yifei Ye. “To be able to drive a Porsche and fight for the overall win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a dream come true for me. It’s such a strong team, so I think we have a great opportunity to fight at the top. I am very excited about this challenge and want to get started quickly. Many thanks to Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific and Porsche Motorsport for making this possible. Read on the same topic: Alex Gibot: “There is still a lot to develop.” Michael Dreiser, Sales Director, Porsche Motorsport is pleased with this appointment. We are very happy that he continues to be a part of the Porsche family. And the good news is that he can race for Hertz Team Jota as a customer of the Porsche 963. It’s even better for a Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific Selected Driver to race for them. We wish Yifei and his team the best of the next season and look forward to seeing them on track. Alex Gibot and Yifei Ye (Photo: PMAP) Alexandre Gibot, Managing Director of Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific, has been following Yifei Ye’s journey for several years. To watch him race in the LMDh class with Hertz Team JOTA. Yifei had a very positive first year with us and we are confident he can drive the Porsche 963 at WEC next season and achieve even greater success. Yifei’s move to the LMDh class also aligns with our goal of helping drivers climb the ranks of motorsports, and we are eagerly awaiting the start of the season. Michael Kirsch, President and CEO of Porsche China, said: Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific held a full season this year despite many challenges and believes that next season will be even stronger and more exciting. Going forward, we will continue to push forward for the development of Chinese motorsports and contribute to nurturing more talented people. I also wish Yifei Ye good luck and more breakthroughs in the next season. Sky Qiao, Vice President Marketing, Porsche China: “It will be amazing to see Yifei racing for Hertz Team JOTA at Porsche LMDh next year. Yife dreams of winning the first Chinese race to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Porsche, a brand led by dreamers, is committed to helping him achieve this goal. We are also delighted to have a driver from Yifei representing Porsche and the region. We look forward to closely following his program in 2023.”
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