THE FERRARI VISIOM – PHOTO: JM FARINA The 18 cars that competed in this season’s final event line up on the starting line for the sixth and final season of the season. At 8:15 a.m., the green flag was awarded to the pilots who set off for the four-hour race under the sway of Charles-Henri Samani. At the wheel of the Mercedes n°83, Pollman gained the upper hand in these first moments. As usual, David Hallyday was particularly effective on the first lap and took control on the third lap after starting off. A few minutes later, despite the safety car’s first intervention (which turned out to be his only intervention), the driver of the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo resumed cruising speed upon restart and immediately attempted to pick up speed. head. THE FERRARI VISIOM – PHOTO: JM FARINA Continuing to improve race lap records, the artist driver takes care of his mattress in advance. The end of the first hour is synonymous with the first wave of pit stops, especially for the protagonists in the UGT3A category. David Hallyday thus hands over the steering wheel and leadership of Ferrari to Jean-Paul Pagny, Emmanuel Collard takes second place in the Mercedes n°83 and Vincent Capillaire now drives the Mercedes n° 88. The duel between the two leading cars resumed with renewed vigor, first at a distance and then in direct confrontation. But very logically, the new leader, Manu Collard, crossed the halfway point with a lead of 1:30. MERCEDES 83 STEERS ON WINNING – PHOTOS: JM FARINA The second part of the race saw the teams adopt different strategies to make mandatory pit stops and different driver restrictions. In the lead an hour from the finish is the Ferrari n°2, but precisely in terms of pit stops the latter still needs to make three compared to the Mercedes-AMG n°2.°83’s two. So on paper, the latter has the advantage, as confirmed by the hierarchy 20 minutes after the checkered flag is presented. After that, however, Manu Collard in the lead got a drive-through for a pit stop that was a few hundredths of a second shorter, but the previously built-up gap allowed him to win ahead of Ferrari n°2. It crossed the finish line after 105 laps, including 35 in the lead. SAMANI-COLLARD’S WIN – PICTURES: JM FARINA Charles-Henri Samani and Manu Collard took their second win of the season with the Mercedes n°83 behind Navarra, 19 seconds ahead of David Hallyday, Jean-Paul Pagny and Jean. -Bernard Bouvet, Ferrari n°2 THE MERCEDES AKKODIS ASP – Photo: The duo of Mercedes n°88 consisting of JM FARINA Nicolas Chartier and Vincent Capillaire complete the podium THE SECOND MERCEDES AKKODIS ASP – Photo: JM FARINA Akkodis ASP’s second Mercedes, the n°61 of Mauro and Benjamin Ricci, and the Renault RS01 n°30 of AB Sport of Benjamin Monnay, Alexandre Leroy and Betrand Rouchaud rounded out the top five. THE RENAULT RS01 AB SPORT – PHOTO: JM FARINA The results of this Var race were paramount in awarding the various titles at stake. and four other podiums. In the categorical breakdown, the UGT3A title goes to Charles-Henri Samani and Emmanuel Collard. The two men lead the Racetivity team to victory in the team classification against Visiom. THE PORSCHE ALMERAS – PHOTOS: JM FARINA The Porsche Cup category was won by Martinet’s Porsche 911 GT3 Cup type 992 n°94 this weekend with Cédric Mezard entrusted to Joffrey Dorchy and Julien Froment for the fifth consecutive win. The duo won titles by category. VORTEX – Photo: JM FARINA UGT3B category honor goes to Vortex n°702, led by Vincent Congnet, Pierre Fontaine and Christophe Decultot. Lucas Sugliano took the win in the sister vehicle n°701. AUDI R8LMS from RÉDÉLÉ COMPÉTITION W – PHOTO: JM FARINA Rédélé Compétition competed in the Ultimate Cup Series for the first time, winning the UGTC4A. Jean-Charles Rédélé, son of Anthony Beltoise, Grégoire Demoustier and Jean Rédélé, founder of the legendary Alpine brand. THE AUDI DU MILAN COLPETITION -Photo: JM FARINA n°64 The Arraou-Billon duo of the Audi du Milan Compétition took second place in their category and won without difficulty.

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