NATO partners aim to strengthen Kyiv air defense after Russian airstrikes

50 Countries Meet After Russia’s Ukraine Missile Offensive NATO Meeting to Discuss Critical Infrastructure Protection with NATO Response to War in Ukraine BRUSSELS, OCTOBER 12 (Reuters) – More than 50 countries attend NATO meeting in Brussels on Wednesday. Gathered and discussed Russian missiles bolster Ukraine’s air defenses two days after it rained on Kyiv and other cities across the country. The meeting in Brussels is the first major NATO meeting since Russia annexed four occupied Ukrainian territories, initiated partial mobilization and announced a concealed nuclear threat. The Western Alliance classified the war as an apparent escalation of the war that began with Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February. 24. Two days after Russian airstrikes killed 19 people in Ukraine and cut electricity across the country, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg urged allies to send more air defense systems to Ukraine. Register Now and Register for Unlimited Access to He said the “terrible and brute force attack” showed why this is so important. “We need different types of air defense systems, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones, and different systems for different tasks,” he told reporters who arrived to attend the meeting. The allies also said Ukraine should expand its air defense system supply so it can defend more cities. On Tuesday, Ukraine received the first of four IRIS-T SLM air defense systems. A German defense ministry source said a senior US defense official, who requested anonymity, said Germany’s IRIS-T was another sign of its promise to provide artificial intelligence. “The defense of Ukraine came ahead of Russia’s recent missile shootout,” he said. But it is not surprising that Russia has these capabilities and is willing to use them, including against civilian infrastructure and civilian targets.” Stoltenberg said Russia’s missile attacks were a sign of weakness, Vladimir It has shown Putin that alternatives are lacking: Moscow, which calls its actions in Ukraine a “special military operation” to remove dangerous nationalists and protect Russian-speaking people, is escalating conflict by the West’s support of Kyiv and Unfair imperialist land grabs 30 years after the collapse of the Russian-led Soviet Union NATO VIGIANT ON RUSSIAN NUCLEAR STANCENATO Defense Ministers in Ukraine, an organization established by the US They will meet first with the partners of the Defense Liaison Group: Arms Supply to Kyiv Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksi Rezhnikov will also be present, then NATO Ministers will begin their talks with a dinner before the first session on the nuclear program on Thursday. Stoltenberg said the alliance saw no change in Russia’s nuclear posture. We will continue to closely monitor the nuclear threat, nuclear investigation, and Russia’s concealed threats as dangerous and reckless.” NATO will host its annual nuclear readiness exercise “Steadfast Noon” next week with fighter training flights. Supporting European-based jets and aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Live ammunition is not used. NATO ministers will also discuss protecting critical infrastructure, which has become more urgent after the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline running below the Baltic Sea. However, it is not yet clear who was behind the explosion. Polish operator PERN on Wednesday said it had detected a leak in a pipeline in the Druzhba system that transports oil from Russia to Europe. He said this was probably due to an accident. NATO warned Moscow on Tuesday that it would respond to attacks on its allies’ critical infrastructure with a “united and decisive response”. Present on more than 30 vessels supported by aircraft and underwater activities in the Baltic and North Seas. Register now for free and unlimited access to Reported by Sabine Siebold and Philip Blenkinsop; Additional Reports by John Chalmers Edited by Mark HeinrichOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principle.
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