WWE SmackDown Results: October 28th Winners, Standings, Reactions & Highlights

WWE SmackDown Results: August 280 Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights Source: WWE.com The undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns returns to television on Friday night at SmackDown. , Saudi Arabia. What did the tribal chieftain have to say about his upcoming defense, and how has he dealt with the recent feud between Jey Uso and “Honorary Uce” Sami Zayn within the lineage? Find out in this show summary. Smackdown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey’s Open Challenge. Brawl Brutz vs. Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn 2 of 8Credit: WWE.comSami Zayn stressed the importance of seeing Roman Reigns lift Bloodline’s arm to victory before arriving on the pitch tonight. He said that he and Solo Sycoa started off by defeating The Brawling Brute’s Butch and Ridge Holland. We are about to stop advertising. The feud within the Bloodline has proven to be costly, as has been the case in recent weeks, as the debate between Zayn and Jey Uso on the pitch is distracting and allows Butch and Holland to score quality victories. After the match, an argument ensued and Jimmy seemed particularly embarrassed by everything around him. This resulted in Reigns heading into the ring ahead of another break. The match itself was good, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who was even a little bit interested. Butch and Holland have developed into an excellent team, and Zayn and Sikoa each have their own hotties chemistry. That said, nothing here is intended to be classic. Rather, it was the latest chapter in a much more important and important storyline. Hopefully it will be a star for all involved. The real uces surrounding him would never be funny. Jey Uso jumps over his apron, ready to intervene, even though he hasn’t intervened yet. The belief that Zayn can actually represent Bloodline effectively and win matches has been a great character to reflect on the little things he’s been extremely good at over the past two years. Jey put Zayn at risk and sparked another controversy. Honor Ace. Roman Reigns joined The Bloodline in the ring as Reigns, visibly disappointed in The Bloodline 3 of 8Credit: WWE.com, is ready to tackle the minor civil war that undoubtedly defined the late sect. Reigns demanded a solution to the problems that gripped the group, and Zayn reached out to Jey as a sign of solidarity, but the tag-team champion relieved a teammate of weeks of frustration. Reigns warned his cousin that if resistance to Zayn continued, he would change his name to honorary Uce “Sami”. Uso”, and Uso put on a look of disbelief. Paul Heyman, who wasn’t a man to sit still, stopped the ad. This was a fantastic undertaking that highlighted the individuality of everyone in the game and featured a real part of it. More than one person Human cracking fun. Facial expressions, body language, and promo work was fantastic. WWE, if not all professional wrestling, provided the latest chapter of a story that was easily the best. GradeA+Top Moments” “I don’t know what I did to offend you, but I’m sorry!” Reigns said about the problem between Zayn and Jey. “I’m sorry,” Jane said before reaching out to Jey. “If you’re not of blood, how can you Do you think it is part of There are people like you in this room. I just got the ball to say it out loud,” said Jay. “I don’t care what the chieftain said!” Jey put a look of contempt on Reigns’s face before he scratched his head and made a contemptuous look. “What Jey just said was really messed up, but he wasn’t serious,” said Zayn. Reigns broke Jey at the amusing moment of seeing the two of them, and Zayn, smiling visibly. The tribal chief said Jey was He warned that if he couldn’t find his “ucey”, he would remove Zayn’s “honor” portion of his nickname: “Uso Sami” folks!” The reaction to Jay and Sami’s facial expressions is unique. Maximum Male Models 4 of 8Credit: WWE.comNew Day confronts Maximum Male Models in their next tag team action. The match was fine, but Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were victorious in a headless tandem battle. Both teams are doing a lot of interesting stuff that might be the biggest accusation of Triple H’s creative process at this point. Anyway, New Day feels blocked and their creativity (or lack thereof) is uninspired. It’s a bit bewildering given that he has such a huge personality. Backstage, Sonya Deville did a promotion for Liv Morgan, but only before a fight broke out between them, the referee and officials separated them. A quality feud that keeps Morgan at her forefront and gives Deville something to do, all of this has worked well so far. Result New Day defeated Maximum Male Models. C-Top Moments Backstage The fight between Morgan and Deville was fun, other than that. Smackdown Women’s Championship Open Challenge: Ronda Rousey vs. 5/8Credit: WWE.com Ronda Rousey has clearly seen the heels and she has openly challenged everyone in the women’s locker room. Former NXT star Emma (Tenille Dashwood to Impact and indie fan) is ready to claim the title she avoided during her first run for her company, so she returned to WWE. Hubris almost proved her champion’s downfall because she underestimated her challenger and spent too much money. She ridiculed the audience many times, allowing Emma to almost score an upset on more than one occasion. She timely pokes her foes in the eye to prove she’s not as dominant as she thinks, and Rousey retains her title by winning a tougher match than she expected. Especially after how badly her main roster has been dealt with, she’s happy to see Emma again. That said, the Triple H is close to the problems its rivals are facing on Wednesday night. There are so many talents in the women’s division right now and the opportunities are limited, so adding another competitor to the mix makes him a difficult job for himself. If anyone can figure out a piece and make it work that’s it, but now it’s perfectly acceptable to ask the Australians where they fit in. Result The GradeC+Top MomentsRousey motivates Rousey to beat Emma and retain her title. Jojo, she goes on to build her new Hill persona: “You’re too ordinary to even know what you’re looking at.” Rousey has spoken to WWE faithful. Cole notes that Emma’s comeback comes four years, 364 days after her release. from WWE.Rousey kicked her Emma to the center of her, rocked it and sent her to her steel stairs. Hit Row and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Legado del Fantasma6 of 8Credit: WWE.com Friday Zelina Vega joins Santos Escobar, Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde as she moves to the square circle for a match against Ashante Thee Adonis, Top Dolla and Mystery Partners between Legado del Fantasma and Hit Row. The competition continued. , who accompanied the B-Fab. that partner? Shinsuke Nakamura, who received loud applause from the public, said Hill dominated most of the game and isolated Ashante from his partners. But a hot finish saw babyfaces score a win and get a measure of revenge on their NXT exports. A solid, non-aggressive match confirmed that Hit Row had benefited from Nakamura’s surprise and Hill’s dominance had ceased. A week. ResultHit Row and Nakamura defeated Legado del FantasmaGradeC+Top MomentsBackstage, Shayna Baszler celebrated Ronda Rousey’s victory and then choked Natalya, who claimed she would have defeated Rowdy if she had met the challenge. Michael Cole B-Fab pointed out. She didn’t wear heels because she expected to get entangled with Vega. It was Cole’s observer call that pointed out the little things that add to these segments. Karrion Kross7 of 8Credit: Just eight days before dating Drew McIntyre inside the WWE.com Steel Cage, Karrion Kross is ready to face off on Friday night Madcap Moss to send a message to the Scottish Warrior and prove he doesn’t need Scarlett to secure him. . Moss made a comeback in the second half of the match, and a fireball hit his opponent to win the comeback. Scarlett’s presence alone was a distraction, and Kross managed to win by hitting the Down Rabbit Hole. After the match, Kross swore that history would repeat itself when McIntyre clash at Riyadh. Kross took Moss’ consciousness by refusing to release the Kross Jacket. Moss continued to impress the limited TV crew at this point, and Kross went ahead with a victory over rivals familiar superstars ahead of the match. Kross will be his biggest test ahead of the match. At this point, the main roster fanbase doesn’t know how to make a former NXT star. He should get it from Riyadh, but otherwise it will raise questions about his ability to heal the cerebral and dangerous main event that Triple H envisions him. The resulting cross beat MossGradeC+Top MomentsCole and Wade Barrett did a great job. Scarlett’s influence on Drew McIntyre and Kroos’ feud ends here. “The only question was, ‘What is his direction after breaking up with Corbyn?'” Been asking for months. Bray Wyatt is back for another in-ring promotion to wrap up his Demons8 of 8Credit: WWE.com show. Continuing his candor, he has told fans that he likes being open and honest, and even admitted that he likes it. He is willing to do terrible things. His promotion was interrupted by a masked man we were introduced to briefly last week. He is obviously known as Uncle Howdy. He called Wyatt a liar and claimed to be wearing a mask despite allegations to the contrary. This served to generate more questions than answers and inspire excitement for the next development. Another quality close to the show. GradeAtop Moments “When you start doing this, you feel invincible,” Wyatt said. Fans cheered. “There’s no mask I’m hiding. There’s no smoke or mirror. It’s just you and me. I hope you get used to it. This is me, Bray Wyatt, a real man.” “I’m going to do something cool while I’m here.” “My emotions don’t work like most other people. I can’t always control them. Sometimes they can send me into very dark places. Other times, just feel nothing. I don’t even know.””There’s a part where I really like being willing to do really horrible things.””You’re a liar. You say you don’t wear a mask, but we both know that’s not true. You will never be able to hide from me. Goodbye your uncle,” the mysterious masked figure revealed himself, calling Wyatt’s outright lies.
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