Horner, Mercedes F1 and Ferrari ‘defamation’

In light of the first factor suggesting that the Red Bull and Aston Martin F1s have exceeded their budget caps, Mercedes F1 and Ferrari this morning explained that they needed exemplary sanctions and knew that their entire ranch knew their teams had exceeded their budget limits. range. Red Bull Director Christian Horner did not acknowledge that the remarks were made as if the factors of his team’s financial results were known to everyone, and he did not rule out the possibility of a defamatory attack. “I was a bit surprised by the remarks from two rival teams yesterday,” Horner said at a press conference this morning. “The balance sheet is confidential between the team and the FIA.” “I would like to know where the information on these hypothetical claims is coming from, as I have no knowledge of the results of our competitors’ balance sheets or the accounting or anything like that.” “They are extremely defamatory and we are offended by them. [Verstappen] Here’s your first chance to seal a world title.” “But how the hell do they get that information? Where do they get this knowledge? The FIA ​​said the process had not yet been completed. So, unless there is a clear takedown of these statements, we will take this very seriously and consider the options available to us.” For the team, for the brand, and even for Formula 1. And where the information comes from. You’ll want to know if it’s coming from.” Warning against ‘excessive tactics’ Briton believes his rival Red Bull team is just trying to get attention. Of course, this is a process that this FIA administration has inherited and they are looking to do the best they can, as well as the Milton Keynes side being a major press to avoid their lack of performance. But, to reiterate, it is completely unacceptable for a team without any form of knowledge to make statements about the submissions and penalties.” If these criticisms come, the Glass House people may not be able to throw stones at this year’s track performance. I think it’s the wrong tactic deployed to divert attention.” “Of course we will take this very seriously when referring to last year and next year. So it is an issue that the FIA ​​will have to address, but it is also an issue that Red Bull should consider when defining its position on the comments made.” Horner says Red Bull has “confidence” in the budget delivered by La FIA. Yesterday she explained that she was working with the team on the financial statements and had not yet received an explanation. The issuance will take place next week, but Horner isn’t worried about Re Bull. “We submitted the balance sheet. In March. We are absolutely 100% sure that the figures we returned are below the upper bound. This request must be signed by the auditor.” “Then it goes through a process with the FIA ​​just like an audit where questions and interpretations are raised and discussed. This process is clearly going on with the FIA, which has not completed the process at this stage,” he said in a statement last night. So while we look forward to seeing the final results of this process in the near future, we are absolutely certain that the upper bound has been reached.”
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