The Keepers of the Oath testify to a huge pile of guns hidden in the hotel the day before January. 6

WASHINGTON — A member of the Oathkeeper who boarded the AR-15 to the Virginia Hotel the day before January 17th. 6 Riots described entering a room full of weapons at Wednesday’s inflammatory conspiracy trial. Oathkeeper member Terry Cummings tested that “many gun cases” were in hotel rooms when he dropped a weapon in a hotel. Last January, the Comfort Inn in Arlington, Virginia. May 5, 2021. “I’ve never seen so many weapons in one place since I was in the military,” Cummings said. Prosecutors claim that a stockpile of what it calls a “rapid response force” or “QRF” was prepared as part of a plan to oppose a peaceful transfer of power. Along with four other Oath Keepers colleagues: Kelly Meggs, Kenneth Harrelson, Jessica Watkins and Thomas Caldwell. Other members suspected of being part of the conspiracy will face trial in November. Rhodes urged President Donald Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, and urged members of the Oath Keepers to stop the peaceful transfer of power. After January 6, Rose said she regretted not bringing weapons to Washington on the day of the riot. Another oath keeper previously told the court that Rose tried to contact Trump on the night of January 1 and failed. 6. Stewart Rose in a parking lot in Washington DC on January 1. May 5, 2021. Cummings, an Air Force National Guard veteran who testified after receiving the Amy Harris/Shutterstock subpoena, said he had not been told that he had raided the Capitol and believed he would only use his weapon as a means of defense. He knew Washington’s strict gun technique and said he had never seen oath-keeping men carrying guns in the city on the day of the riot. He is under attack from Antifa,” he said. Because it was an “opportunity” to express First Amendment rights. “He personally didn’t think it was a good idea to join,” Cummings recalled, as he started his day on January 1. 6 Provided security for anonymous VIPs at a Trump rally in Ellipse before the riots. He said he and other Oath Keepers members had VIP passes to the rally and had to cross the Secret Service security line to get to the stage about 20 yards away. John Zimmerman, a former member of the Oath Keepers, told him last week that Rhodes had been contacted by the Secret Service and overheard Rhodes talking to someone he thought was a Secret Service agent a few months before the Capitol riots broke out. They finished their speech because they were called to escort an unknown Hispanic female VIP to the Capitol. While a group of about 10 escorted the woman, Cummings said she heard from Meggs that the Capitol had collapsed, and the party decided to leave the woman with the Oath Keepers guard and move to Capitol. On the ground, Cummings said he had to use the bathroom and was separated from the group. He said he found out after reuniting with the group that they had entered the Capitol building while they were separated. “There was no conversation about the attack on the Capitol,” he said. He also testified that he made donations to the online donation accounts of Harrelson and Meggs. Ryan J. Reilly is a Justice Department reporter for NBC News. Daniel Barnes reports on NBC News. in Washington.
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