Democrats await Nevada election results that could seal a majority in the US Senate.

PHOENIX, November 12 (Reuters) – Democrats on Saturday could secure a majority in the US Senate next year as the count continues in Nevada, a highly divided state after the midterm elections on Tuesday, when runoffs began in Georgia on December 6th. There was a difference of one place in If incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto defeats Republican Adam Laxalt in Nevada, her party will win 50 of 100 Senate seats. If the Democrats win in Georgia next month, the party will win an overwhelming majority 51-49. senate. Even if the Democrats lose in Georgia and win in Nevada, the Democrats will still dominate the Senate 50-50 as Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris could break the tie vote. The newly elected senators take office in January. 3. With nearly 97% of the vote in the Nevada State Senate election, Laxalt was leading by about 800 votes. But Cortez Masto’s uncounted votes from her stronghold could lead her to her victory, and suspense over Senate control comes as it is not yet known which party will win a majority in the US House of Representatives over the next two years. Republicans continued to dominate, but several races, including liberal California, still continued to yield returns. – Seating room. The Democrats gained significant support late Friday as Democrat Senator Mark Kelly is expected to retain his seat in Arizona and defeat the yet-to-be-run Republican Blake Masters. Former naval fighter pilot and astronaut Kelly, along with his wife Gabby Giffords, former Democrat, gave a brief victory speech to supporters in Phoenix on Saturday. His speeches focused on working in Congress in a bipartisan manner. Kelly didn’t comment on the Masters, but said: “We’re facing today.” There were many Republican candidates, including the Masters, in Tuesday’s midterm elections, with former President Donald Trump accusing Biden in 2020 presidential election in massive voter fraud. It reflects the false claims of a loss. No winner has yet been expected in the Arizona primaries. Democrat Katie Hobbs has a narrow margin over Republican Kari Lake (real-time national election results are here). STAKEA The Democratic-controlled Senate will provide President Joe Biden insurance that his nominee will be ratified to fill dozens of federal judges, led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, which is especially important for Democrats. w has a 6-3 conservatism and was due to be revealed during the last two years of Biden’s tenure when the outgoing Senate returns on Monday for a post-election work session that could continue through the end of December. Schumer aims to immediately approve two more: a federal judge awaits a final vote, but if Cortez Masto doesn’t overtake Laxalt and the Democrats lose in Georgia too, Schumer will push for judicial appointments before relinquishing power on January 1. 3, Senate Republicans may decline to confirm Biden or walk slowly after that.With the 2022 midterm elections held year-round, Trump continues to gain popularity among far-right Conservatives. Influenced Republican candidates by using them to influence Republican candidates Party candidates nominated for House, Governor and local elections Trump’s sluggish performance on Tuesday accuses Trump of supporting a candidate who cannot appeal to broad support, even if he wins a majority in either the Senate or the House Both Laxalt and Herschel Walker from Georgia Raphael Warnock A Republican running to oust the senator, Trump backed him. A Republican defeat in either of these two races could further weaken Trump’s popularity, as advisers say he is considering declaring a third run in the 2024 presidential election. Fighting climate change and making a series of expiring 2017 tax cuts permanent. They are also planning an investigation into Biden’s administration activities and the son of the president who had business dealings with Ukraine and China. Edited by Daniel WallisOur Standard: Thomson Reuters Trust Principle.
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