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24 Hour 100th Anniversary – Le Mans, Exception ⎮ Did you know? 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the “Hollywood Sign”, a gigantic panel that forms the name of Hollywood, installed on a hillside overlooking the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the film-only Los Angeles district. This double anniversary provides the perfect opportunity to reflect the crossed fates of two big-screen American icons, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, seen at Le Mans. 1968 marked the beginning of their respective film and automotive careers. It was a real turning point. That year, Paul Newman played driver Frank Capua in front of James Goldstone’s camera in Virages, the plot set in the 1968 edition of the Indianapolis 500. At the same time, Steve McQueen founded his own production company, Solar, and immediately signed Bullitt and Masterstroke. Directed by British Peter Yates, this urban thriller went down in history thanks to a chase scene between a McQueen driving Ford Mustang on the streets of San Francisco and a Dodge Charger in the hands of America’s greatest car stuntman Bill Hickman. hour. It emphasizes that this sequence will be a recurring element in every detective film shot in San Francisco over the next few decades. Steve McQueen, Le Mans… From reality to fiction but Steve McQueen like Paul Newman sees it far. The actor revealed in the April 1969 TV series Au nom de la loi met Gonzague Mordret, then Managing Director of ACO, on a visit to Le Mans, and then scouted for the 37th edition of Le Mans 24 Hours of Le Mans. .Steve McQueen plans to not only produce and interpret a film about the 24 Hours of Le Mans, but also race with Formula 1 world champion Jackie Stewart in a Porsche 917. His colleague… But his insurance company is against it. The actor still took part in the 12-hour competition in Sebring in March 1970. After getting close to victory with Peter Revson, he took second place in the steering wheel of a Porsche 908, which would serve as a camera car for 24 hours three months later. Simply titled Le Mans, the film went through a difficult production process. Director John Sturges, who directed Steve McQueen between scenes filmed in Gyeongju from June to November 1970 and reconstructed sequences from action scenes from June to November 1970, was worried about a lack of script and eventually left. Set is replaced by Lee H. Katzin. But Steve McQueen doesn’t take the cost into account. Solar employs about 40 pilots, builds a village dedicated to production, and hires French composer Michel Legrand for the music. A commercial failure that nearly ruined the actor when it was released in the spring of 1971, the film became a cult for decades, especially through the realism of racing scenes recreated at real speed. On November 7, 1980, at the age of only 50, French television shook up the program and aired Le Mans to pay tribute to him. Paul Newman at Virages à la Sarthe During the 1970s, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman crossed paths on the same set of the same film for the first time in their careers with one of the film’s greatest commercial successes, La tour infernale (1974). period. At the same time, Paul Newman pursued a racing career in motorsport, which he started late after filming Virage. Between Trans Am (American Grand Touring Sports Car Championship) and endurance, he finished fifth in the 1977 Daytona 24-Hour Race and built a racing team in the Canadian-American CanAm Challenge. Among the drivers is future Formula 1 world champion Keke Rosberg. 935. He is related to Dick Barbour in the car, Rolf Stommelen, a prominent expert at the Stuttgart manufacturer and poleman of the 1969 Porsche 917. °70 entered the top 10 within 2 hours of the game, and continued to walk despite heavy rain during the 24-hour rainy season in 1979, and entered the top 5 in 10 hours. Despite the fierce pressure surrounding him, both in the public and in the press, Paul Newman ran an exemplary race, and at 15:00 the actor and his mates finished second behind leader Klaus Ludwig/Bill & Don Whittington’s other 935. . We even thought of a 70 win when the latter had injection problems just before the finals, but were delayed by a cylinder head gasket defect and raced in slow motion. Paul Newman was second in the general category and the winner in his category, where the Porsche n°70 dominated almost from start to finish with his only entry. After that, he joined forces with American Lola chassis importer Carl Haas (not affiliated with Gene Haas, owner of the same name F1 team) to create the Newman-Haas single-seat team, American CART and Champ Car. This will play a fundamental role in the career of Manceau Sébastien Bourdais, who won four consecutive seasons from 2004 to 2007, joining the team’s prize list Mario Andretti and his son Michael, or former Formula One world champion Nigel Mansel. A sign of deep friendship, Paul Newman last toured Europe for Sébastien Bourdais’ wedding in Le Mans in May 2006. The latter, born on February 28, 1979, was three and a half months old when the actor climbed the second steps of the 24-hour podium. At the same time, he continued his outstanding film career, winning an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1987 for ‘The Color of Money’, directed by Martin Scorsese. His partner is Tom Cruise, another avid fan of motorsports and speed. In 1995, on his 70th birthday, he climbed the third step on the 24 Hours of Daytona podium and, together with Sebastien, ten years later (and thus at age 80) finds him again at the starting point. Bourdais and Bruno Junqueira of Brazil, his two champion car drivers at the time. A few weeks before his death on September 26, 2008, Paul Newman gathered his family, relatives and friends for his last car driving pleasure at the Lime Rock circuit in Westport, state, about 100 kilometers from his home. of Connecticut. PHOTOGRAPHS: LE MANS (France SARTHE), CIRCUIT DES 24 HEURES, 24 HOURS OF LE MANS – TOP DOWN (DR / ACO ARCHIVES): Porsche from Paul Newman, Dick Barbour and Rolf Stommelen are eight laps behind the winners. Hired by Steve McQueen’s production company with three cameras for 24 hours for the 1970 film Le Mans, the Porsche 908 was driven by Herbert Linge and Jonathan Williams. Steve McQueen on the 24-hour circuit for Le Mans, 1970; At the 1979 awards ceremony, Paul Newman put his name on the list of eternity.
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