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NEW YORK (AP) — An NBC news correspondent who interviewed Pennsylvania senator candidate John Fetterman said on-air remarks he made about having trouble following some of the conversations made comments about his suitability for office after he suffered. It should not be taken as a commentary on But journalist Dasha Burns drew attention after comments that Fetterman appeared to be having trouble understanding the chatter before the interview, which Republicans retweeted as they sought an advantage in the Senate race, which continues a close chase between Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz. Democrat Peterman suffered a stroke on May 13, and his health has become a major issue in the campaign. The Friday interview with Fetterman, which aired on Tuesday, was his first on-camera interview after a stroke. He used a closed-captioning device that printed the text of Burns’ question on the computer screen in front of him. Fetterman seemed to have little trouble answering questions after reading them, but he was shown stammering the word “empathy” on NBC. “It wasn’t clear if he was understanding our conversation,” Burns said when the subtitles were turned off. “This is nonsense,” business journalist and podcaster Kara Swisher, who suffered a stroke in 2011, said on her Twitter. “This reporter could just be a bad chatter,” she said. Swisher said in an interview with Fetterman on her recent podcast of her own: Everyone can judge for themselves.” Swisher said the attack on Peterman was “terrible” because of his health. “His comprehension has not been compromised at all,” New York Magazine reporter Rebecca Traister interviewed for a cover story nominee for the title “John Peterman’s Vulnerability” on Twitter. . He understands everything. It’s just that he reads it and reacts in real time… It’s a hearing/hearing issue.” Burns said he understands that other reporters have had different experiences with Fetterman. Burns tweeted on Wednesday. “It’s up to the voters to decide.” That’s the problem. What we seek as journalists is transparency. That’s our job.” Talking about an interview aired on the “NBC Nightly News” and “Today” shows. Fetterman, 53, doesn’t want to disclose medical records or not be a journalist. He’s been on speech therapy and issued a letter from a cardiologist in June saying that if he eats healthy, takes prescribed medications, and exercise, he’s fine and can serve in the Senate. Kevin Sheth, director of the Yale University Center for Brain and Mental Health, said from a stroke that he recovers completely and continues to be damaged in some cases. “The trajectory of recovery varies from person to person. But people shouldn’t judge Fetterman’s condition without an examination,” Sheth said. It is based on the use of language aids. Burns’ statement on Fetterman has already been made by political opponents, including the Republican Senate Committee and the Republican National Committee. She was referring to the chatter, not the interview itself. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s spokeswoman Doug Andres said on Twitter that it was strange to see progressives attacking journalists doing their job. And trusting the press is only true if it is convenient for them,” he wrote. In her podcast, her mother, who is a Pennsylvania resident, told her: Even though her daughter has recovered from the stroke, Fetterman has had a stroke. didn’t think he should be in the U.S. Senate after suffering from Swisher, who refrained from cleaning up Fetterman’s interviews, such as the podcast creators removing irrelevant phrases like “umm” or “I know”, so listeners feel that Fetterman “sympathizes.” “I said that I made it possible to see exactly how the question was answered with the word “. Listen to the interview.” Swisher tweeted this week: “Even my crazed GOP mother had to admit she was wrong,” Marc Levy, Associated Press Correspondent in Harrisburg, PA, contributed to the report.
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