This is Porsche’s electric single-seater designed specifically for Formula E.

Porsche has unveiled the single-seater 99X Electric Gen3, designed for the next season of the Formula E World Championship, which starts in Mexico City in January. As in all areas of motorsport, Formula E is constantly changing its rules. Competing cars must meet new standards to make them more efficient and above all more ecological. As we remember, Formula E is an event that takes place on circuits in several major cities around the world, collecting only 100% electric single-seaters. New Version Last April, the FIA ​​unveiled the new Gen3 single-seater, which is only the third-generation car that competed in Formula E. Then all your competitors will be displayed almost identically and almost identically. Technical data sheet. However, if all teams need to use the same battery and chassis, you can customize the rear engine, gearbox, or even the software parts. For now, only Porsche has unveiled its own design, the 99X Electric Gen3. Shorter than the previous version, with the wheelbase modified down to better adapt to the city’s circuits, this model sports a black and red emblem with far more angular lines than the previous generation. Weight has been reduced by about 50 kg, despite the arrival of an all-new front engine. This new version is of course greener too, this 99X Electric Gen3 especially uses recycled carbon from Gen2 cars that are obsolete today. also reports that some components are made from linen and sustainable materials, and batteries supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering are recyclable. As Porsche’s press release explains, after each lesson, the cell actually needs to be reused or recycled. With all these requirements and innovations, it should be possible to reduce the carbon footprint of this single-seater production by 10% compared to conventional products. Significant improvement in performance Also, as Formula E explained in a press release, Porsche has partnered with Korea to equip the single-seater with tires made from recycled materials. It also deforms the rubber after each race to create a new one. Like all single-seater models featured in the following season of the Formula E World Championship, the 99X Electric Gen3 increases its output from 250 kW to 350 kW, equivalent to 470 hp. Then everything is generated by an electric motor installed on the rear axle and the second motor is at the front, so it plays an important role in energy recovery. This increases to 600 kW, twice that of Gen2, allowing 40% of the energy used during braking to be recovered. This is because the charging has also been optimized and now you can save 4-5 kWh in just 30 seconds. This new generation of single-seater Porsche will make its first lap during the 9th season of the Formula E World Championship, which starts on January 14, 2023 with the Mexican E-Prix. To follow us, we invite you to download our Android and iOS applications. You can read articles, files and watch the latest YouTube videos.
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